Everything You Need to Know About Front Door Curtains


Types of Front Door Curtains

There are many different types of curtains for your front door, but you don’t have to go with a typical curtain. For instance, I recommend that you get a privacy screen. This is one of those things that will keep people from looking at you when they come to pick up their mail or something like that. It’s basically just a fence-like type thing that goes in front of your door and it’s not too fancy or anything like that. Some other options include lace curtains, which can be very pretty if they’re done right and have the right color scheme in your house. You might also want to go with simple sheers for the summertime if there’s lots of sunlight coming through your home during the day and you’re worried about glare from outside coming into the room where you’ll hang these curtains from. Good blinds are expensive and can be hard to find, but if you have a pretty nice variety of colors in your home and are willing to spend the money for something that looks really nice and will last for a long time, then I would go with blinds. In fact, I’m currently looking into buying some Blinds Express blinds myself because they’re relatively affordable and they look really good. Another option is to buy some Roman shades, which is what we have at my house right now. They look good when they’re down but not when they’re up so that’s why I say it’s not perfect. They have fabric on them so maybe you could do something like that if you don’t want your front door curtains to be see-through at all times of day but still want them to let in sunlight when possible during different seasons of the year.

If you decide to go with curtains – whether it’s lace or anything else – then one thing you’ll definitely need are curtain rods. You have the option of getting them in different sizes; you can get a very small rod if your windows are on the smaller side and you don’t have too many panels, or you can get a larger rod if your windows are bigger. You’ll also need curtain rings. Make sure to buy enough for all of your panels, plus some extras just in case some of them break or something happens like that. I recommend buying white ones because they’ll match whatever color curtains you choose to go with – it’s always good to stick with neutral colors unless you know what colors will look good together (and even then it’s best to stick with neutrals).

The Best Places to Buy Front Door Curtains

You should go online whenever possible when shopping for front door curtains because there are just so many more options available from companies that sell home decor products online than there is from stores that only sell window coverings and such. The thing about front door curtains is that they’re not as popular as other things like living room window coverings – I mean, who really cares about their front door? As much as I love window coverings, this makes me sad because everyone should want beautiful things at their front doors! Anyways…my point is: definitely do lots of research before making any purchases! There are so many websites out there selling home decor products these days and sometimes they’re not dependable at all. It’s important to do your research and make sure you’re buying from a reputable company. Some good sources are:

Blinds Express

I know I just talked about Blinds Express in the paragraph above but I thought it would be necessary to mention them again because they have such a wide selection of front door curtains that you can choose from. They also have lots of other things like window shades, blinds, and so on. You should definitely check this site out!


You probably already know about Amazon because almost everyone uses it these days, but if you haven’t bought anything from Amazon before then I want to let you know that they sell lots of home decor products – they even have curtain rods! You might be able to find what you’re looking for more easily on another website, but there are so many different products available on Amazon that it’s definitely worth checking out. If nothing else, look at the pictures first to see if it looks like something that will work with your home decor scheme or not – and by “scheme” I mean colors as well as furniture type; things like that can make all the difference in how a room looks overall.

In conclusion…

I hope this article helped you find the front door curtains you’ve been looking for! If you do decide to get one, make sure to measure your windows before ordering any online so that your curtains won’t be too small when they arrive. I know it’s kind of embarrassing to have an online order return because it doesn’t fit correctly, but at least if it’s something like front door curtains that is a home decor item rather than something like clothing or shoes then it’s not as big of a deal. You don’t want them to be too big either though or they’ll look weird in the space where you hang them – so just be careful with measurements and consider making some changes if necessary. Also remember that there are different types of window coverings for your front door; I wrote about 4 different options in this article but there are plenty more out there depending on what looks good in your home and what goes with the design theme of different rooms within the house. Good luck!


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