Everything You Should Know About Negligent Security Claims


It is the responsibility of every owner of premises to ensure that it is safe for people that enter it. If you have suffered damages because of criminal activities that occurred on someone else’s premises because they did not have appropriate security measures, you are entitled to seek compensation from them. 

Often in crimes such as victims of assault and battery, it is challenging to find the perpetrator, and the owner of the premises is held liable to seek compensation for the damages they incurred because of their negligence. In such situations, you should seek the expertise of a qualified personal injury lawyer Grand Junction CO to guide you through the legal procedure. 

What do you need to prove for negligent security claims?

The victim must prove that the premises owner acted recklessly and their negligence resulted in their injuries. The premises owner should have owed a duty of care to the victim, which was breached if they failed to have sufficient security measures to prevent crimes on the premises. If this breach of duty led to damages, they have to compensate the victim. A lawyer can help collect evidence after a careful investigation to prove the owner’s liability and help the victim reach a fair settlement. 

The compensation you are eligible for:

  • Medical injuries. 

Depending on the crime committed by the perpetrator on the property, the victim may have suffered from several injuries which required comprehensive treatment. Seeking medical care can be expensive, and they may incur several financial losses while recovering. The compensation value covers all medical costs you incur and may incur in the future because of the injury. 

  • Lost income. 

A person cannot work while suffering from injuries, and they may have to take leave from their job for a certain period till they recover. To compensate the person for losing their livelihood temporarily and allow them to maintain their lifestyle, they are paid for lost wages and job benefits. Often, injuries can be intense and permanently hinder the person’s abilities that affect their work. In such cases, they are compensated for lost earning capacity. 

  • Pain and suffering. 

Being a victim of a crime can be a horrifying experience. It can cause severe trauma to the victim, and their emotional health suffers. The extent of their injuries may also contribute to their distress since it deteriorates their quality of life. They may experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic disorder. The compensation helps provide a fair monetary value to cope with the pain. 

A negligent security claim procedure can be distressing to navigate without the advice of an experienced Grand Junction CO. Their presence helps relieve your distress regarding legal complexities and allows you to protect your future after the incident. 

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