Everything you should know about the Lemon car law


Is your car experiencing the problem of engine failure way too much? Is your mechanic also finding it difficult to identify the root cause of the same? Well, we think you’ve got yourself a Lemon. A car that has been falsely manufactured and can’t be fixed even after regular mechanic visits is known as a lemon. 

A lot of people are being conned each year by several malicious car owners and manufacturers as they sell them a faulty car which is having a manufacturing defect that can’t be fixed by anyone. To protect innocent people from such acts, the United States government has come up with a special lemon car law. Let’s learn some key facts about this unique law that you should know about. 

Lemon car law

These laws are exclusively made to help prevent car dealerships from selling inefficient and faulty vehicles to innocent customers. There are a lot of simple and innocent people out there who don’t have an idea that they’re purchasing a lemon. Thus, the government has formulated some lemon car law that protects the rights of a customer against those malicious manufacturers. 

Every car sold to you won’t be a lemon if you know some key facts that can protect you from buying one. Let’s take a detailed look at the facts that need to be considered if you’re purchasing a car. 

Every car is not a Lemon

If you’ve just purchased a car and it doesn’t perform the same way as you expected, it doesn’t mean that you’ve got yourself a lemon. A car is a machine and machines do get faulty sometimes. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot be fixed. A car can fall into the category of lemon if it can’t be fixed even after several efforts of a mechanic. 

It is a misconception that if your car needs certain servicing then it is a lemon. If you want to know whether your car is eligible to be considered a lemon, then you should consult a lemon car law attorney right away. They are the experts in the same field and that’s why they can guide you in a fruitful and justified way. 

  • The Refund-Replacement situation

If you’re the owner of a lemon, then you shouldn’t go to any other mechanic or dealership to get your car fixed. Usually, car manufacturers have certified workshops that offer the best servicing. This improves your case because this proves that you’re giving a fair chance to the manufacturer to resolve your problem. 

If they are not able to fix the problem even after several visits, then they’re bound to offer you a replacement or a viable refund as stated in the lemon car law. 

  • Outside court settlement

The whole process of filing a case in court is time-consuming. And that’s why a lemon car law attorney would try to settle the same outside the court. This saves time, effort, and money for both parties. Lemon cases often take months or years to resolve because settling them without the involvement of a higher authority is the best way out. 

  • Manufacturer’s warranty is a must

If you’ve been misled and now you’ve unfortunately purchased a lemon, you still have equal rights to claim your compensation from the manufacturer if you have the proper paperwork and your car falls under the manufacturer’s warranty. If you lack the same, then you can’t find the claim at any cost. Keeping a check over the paperwork and keeping them safe is a wise option to ensure the well-being of your car. 
If you’re looking for a reliable attorney who can provide you the assistance against any car manufacturer, then you’ve reached the right place. Sotera L. Anderson is a prominent name in the Lemon car law cases. So wait no more. Log on to our website and schedule your meeting with our lemon car law experts today.

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