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This world is unsafe and can be frightening if you don’t have safety protocols in place. It doesn’t matter what your identity is or whether you’re poor or rich, the risks are always there.

Unfortunately, well-known people, celebrities, and VIPs are at high-risk. They are in the limelight and attract attention from disgruntled employees, misguided and hostile fans, stalkers, and criminal elements.

However, security professionals such as Masters Executive Security Services (MESS) provide the best executive close protection security services to these high-profile people. Whether you’re a foreign influencer, movie star, politician, ambassador, or CEO of a renowned company, you don’t need to live in apprehension and fear. Competent executive protection specialists can help you with your security needs.

What is Executive/ Close Protection?

Close Protection Services

Executive protection, also referred to as close protection, is special security services or measures that ensure a VIP’s safety. It offers exclusive protection to executives, celebrities, and individuals in the limelight and may be exposed to high personal risk. The elevated risk can be due to their status, fame, employment, wealth, and associations. 

Executive protection is typically a highly specialized field in private security. The US Secret Service started it in the 1970s to protect foreign dignitaries.

How Does Executive Protection Differ from a Bodyguard?

Executive protection or close protection is primarily different from recruiting a personal bodyguard. A bodyguard is a single entity who merely accompanies you wherever you go and might take matters into his hands when there is a security emergency on the spot. 

Executive protection, on the other hand, comes with a comprehensive security procedure or protocol. It includes risk assessment, in-depth legwork, and security strategies to ensure everything goes according to the plan. 

If you’re wondering why security professionals for VIPs or celebrities need to be alert and disciplined, you’re not alone. Many people have this question in mind. Know that when it comes to protecting the elite or people with high profiles, the presence of a gunman or bodyguard isn’t enough. 

In these cases, VIPs need an extensive security system that doesn’t leave anything to chance. Private security professionals from MESS have a broad range of skills to help people with high-profile status subdue and neutralize threats.

This is the reason executive or close security comes in various forms. It may change accordingly to accommodate the engagement or schedule of the VIPs. These services may include:

  • Personal security agent
  • Crowd control
  • Motorcade escort
  • Counter surveillance
  • Threat assessment 

Why Should You Consider Hiring Executive Protection Services?

Hire Executive protection Services

VIPs are often at high risk when it comes to encountering risks and threatening situations. They need effective and comprehensive countermeasures as they are involved with high-profile matters and have specific affiliations. When deciding which security service to opt into, you may consider reviewing how to choose the right event security

If you can relate to this status but are unsure why you need executive protection, consider these reasons:

Public Prominence

If you’re a high-profile firm head, celebrity, politician, or any other VIP, your public prominence can lead to an increased risk. You need to improve personal safety. There are more than 300 million people who live in the US, and threats may come from anywhere.

Hiring the services of an experienced and trained protection agency is the best way to assess threats, identify dangers, and save yourself before an incident happens.

The Need for Caution and Discretion

If you’re a VIP, you may prefer counting on local security experts and law enforcement agencies to help with your protection details in various public settings. However, the option isn’t an ideal solution for every situation. You need to have balanced personal protection. For individuals and businesses interested in personal executive protections services, you may review how to hire executive protection professionals: A Guide

It is particularly true if you belong to the field of corporate executives or politics. People from these fields are engaged in official duties or discussions that are required to be hidden from public exposure.

Executive protection personnel from MESS are familiar with these specific protocols and understand discretion requirements and needs. It provides peace of mind to these VIPs when conducting meetings. They can rest assured about their confidentiality concerns. 

Travel in Dangerous or High-Risk Areas

Note that no area is exempted from crime. It is present in almost all parts of the world. Different locations or regions have different risk levels. If you’re affiliated with an influential company, a celebrity, or a known figure, you tend to travel more and spend time in various public venues. 

Note that potential danger is always lurking around regardless of where you travel. Plus, fame and money increase the threat and this is when you need an executive protection service to keep you safe. 

To Avert Disruption

For corporate executives, a company’s stability or stock is more important than anything. They don’t want any disruptions to keep their reputation protected and safe. Unfortunately, assaults, corporate kidnappings, and other crimes disrupt shareholders, companies, and even employees. 

The security professionals at MESS are trained and certified to protect corporate executives from plenty of unknown risks to ensure the company’s stability and continuity. 

Protect Against Many Identified Risks

Of course, the reasons listed above to use a close protection service involve different risks that are typically difficult to predict until danger strikes. But do you have any protection against known threats? If you or your company has been encountering the same type of threats, consulting competent, reliable, and qualified security experts to evaluate the danger and guard you against it is essential. While the majority of direct threats come from the people who don’t follow through with their words, it is better not to take any chances.


In an ideal world, there is no need to have any special protection. However, this world isn’t perfect and full of risks. You or your family may encounter potential hostile situations anytime. If you’re a well-known figure from any field, don’t risk your safety. 

We recommend you seek the services of armed guards or security agencies such as MESS. The licensed and trained professionals will care for your safety, security and give you the peace of mind you need. With their high-grade security plan and strategies, you don’t need to feel threatened or frightened. 

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