Find the Right Level of Coverage for Your Teddy


Teddies and bodysuits are very popular pieces of lingerie, primarily due to their incredible versatility and their ability to flatter just about every body type. But that versatility also means there are many different styles out there, with different cuts and levels of coverage that you may or may not be comfortable with. How do you find a teddy that’s right for you? Read on to get some advice on choosing the right level of coverage to fit your needs and preferences.

More Coverage

When it comes to lingerie, some women prefer not to leave a bit more to the imagination. They want lingerie that actually offers a fair amount of coverage, while providing tantalizing peaks that are sure to drive your partner wild. The traditional teddy offers this higher level of coverage with a cut similar to a one-piece swimsuit. Your tummy, breasts, and buttocks are all at least partially covered, offering you a slim and smooth appearance that helps you to feel your absolute best.

This level of coverage is great for women who may be a bit more modest in their style, but want to try out something best for their partner. It also works well as a first-time piece for someone who’s never bought lingerie before. A traditional teddy with more coverage fits and flatters just about everyone, so you can gain your confidence before branching out into more risqué lingerie styles.

Coverage with Cutouts

Perhaps you want to show a bit more skin—or flaunt some very specific parts of your body—while still wearing something that offers a fair amount of coverage. There are teddies out there that have well-placed cutouts in all the right areas so you can show off exactly those body parts you want to. Crotchless and cupless teddies are both very popular with women (and their partners) and still provide that smooth, trimmed waistline that makes teddies so flattering.

Barely Covered

Feeling adventurous and want a teddy that barely covers anything? They’re definitely out there! You could opt for a more traditional cut teddy or bodysuit that’s made of sheer fabric, showing off everything underneath. Or, you could elect for a teddy that’s designed with straps rather than panels of fabric, crisscrossing your body while barely covering any skin.

Whatever level of coverage you prefer for your lingerie, teddies and bodysuits can fit your tastes and style while helping you to feel sensual every day of the week.

Teddies and bodysuits are very similar items for lingerie. By definition, teddies combine a camisole top and panties into one garment. Bodysuits generally add sleeves and/or legs to the basic teddy design. Teddies have been part of fashion throughout the 20th century, although their design has been altered dramatically throughout the years. Bodysuits are a newer take on the original teddy design. Teddies are now primarily used as lingerie, while bodysuits may be either functional and are often both.

Early teddies, like most early lingerie, were more functional than decorative. The teddy was used primarily to provide full coverage underneath clothing, and often resembled a combined short sleeve top and loose, full shorts. Over the years, teddies began to appear in more luxurious and best fabrics such as silk. The shorts gradually got shorter and tighter and the sleeves disappeared. Teddies are still useful under certain clothing styles, but now only teddies are commonly available.

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Find the Right Level of Coverage for Your Teddy

Teddies and bodysuits are very popular pieces of lingerie,...