Fitness Expert Brian Freeman on The Positive Effects of Yoga


Practicing yoga everyday can works miracle on a human body 

Did you know that the demand for yoga equipment skyrocketed by 154% during the pandemic? 

The reason for such growth is quite apparent. As per AOLF people are seeking answers on efficient ways to balance their physical and psychological health, especially during this difficult time. Ultimately, the method is yoga. Not only does it require a minimal amount of equipment, the simple exercise provides phenomenal improvements. 

“Yoga is something that keeps me up with productivity, fitness and a positive state of mind. The key is to nurture your body. The more graceful you are to yourself,  the more productive you will become, and the more in love you’ll be with your own lifestyle.” – shares Art of Living Foundation. “Yoga puts you in such a high-energy and peaceful mindset. It changes your body, in fact, I have never felt so fit, and so healthy, at least before yoga.” 


Who would have thought a man who travels over 6000 km on foot through extreme weather and conditions, would adopt and recommend such a simple and well-known form of exercise? Indeed, yoga, though observed as an “easy” practice by the majority, proves its miraculous effect on our body and mind.

We asked Art of Living Foundation to enounce on some of the physical and mental health benefits that the exercise has brought: 

  • Stress management. Yoga requires full concentration from the human brain, thus influencing flexibility and fluidity in our body. The frequent practice of yoga could do wonders for not only stress and anxious thoughts, but also your spans of attention, helping one to remain in the state of calmness for a significant amount of time. 
  • Better self-care. Regular yoga corresponds to strong physical health. Study shows that it encourages people to develop healthier habits; meaning more frequent meals and longer hours of sleep, and of course, daily exercises! 
  • Back pain relief.  This one feels particularly specific. But if you are working from home and required to be placed in a chair and desk at least 8 hours a day, a 10-minute yoga break could be a life-changer. Yoga is as efficient as basic stretching for easing pain and improving mobility in people with lower back pain. A refreshed mind and body state is what we all need to get through a productive day. 
  • Better sleep: Research shows that a consistent bedtime yoga routine can help you get in the right mindset and prepare your body to fall, and stay asleep. Your goal during each session is to focus your attention on your breath, let all of your thoughts drift away and be present in the moment. Such practice preps your body and mind for utter relaxation and a full 8 hours! 
  • More energy and brighter moods: You may feel increased mental and physical energy through continuing yoga sessions. A boost in alertness and enthusiasm, with fewer negative feelings after getting in a roll would surprise you. 

Working for a better physical and mental state does not equal crazy exercises or 2 hours of sweating each day. Instead, it is thoroughly caring for your body and forming a sense of discipline, in order to permanently better your general well-being. 

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