Five Surprising Natural Painkillers that You Need to Try Now 


For some people, body aches are more like friends. They grow with you and become a permanent part of your life. I know because I have rheumatoid arthritis and one thing that remains constant in my life is joint pain. 

While there are many allopathic painkillers available these days; trust me, they’re not the solution. You eventually develop resistance to all these painkillers and get back to square one. You keep on increasing the dose, which makes matters worse. 

Hence, the best thing to do is try natural remedies. It may surprise you but there are many natural painkillers available out there. Let me highlight a few of them for you, here:


One of the most effective and ancient recipes for pain relief involves turmeric. It’s a flowering plant that’s mostly used as a spice to give the food a rich color. Many studies have proven that it is extremely beneficial for your mind and body. 

Among its health benefits, one is pain relief. It can be consumed orally or applied to the affected body part topically for quick relief. Many people from around the world add a pinch of turmeric to warm milk and have it every day before bedtime. 


Contrary to popular beliefs, cannabis is an incredible plant. It is now legal in many Canadian and American states, owing to its health benefits. One of its benefits is, of course, pain relief. In fact, it’s the best remedy for chronic body aches.

Experts often prescribe cannabis to people with diseases like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia. It is the only thing that helps relieve their pain without any severe side effects. Thankfully, you can now buy weed online in Canada and America, so getting your hands on it won’t be an issue. 

Willow Bark 

Another helpful remedy to ease body aches naturally is to use willow bark. It has been used for centuries for pain relief and it successfully does that in case of mild to moderate body aches. 

Willow bark is a herbal preparation that is available over the counter at almost all pharmacies and supermarkets these days. It works by reducing the production of pain chemicals in your body. Not to mention, it releases inflammation, which is often the cause of pain. 

Body Massage 

The next thing is body massage. Whether it’s the backache or a headache, a few minutes of body massage can help you out. The gentle strokes of massage improve the blood circulation in your body, providing more oxygenated blood to the affected area. 

Apart from that, it also naturally regulates your sleep, which is usually affected due to persistent body aches. You cannot sleep when you’re in pain, can you? Well, you can peacefully sleep after a session of body massage, so hang on to it. 


Last but not least is acupuncture. It’s a form of alternative medicine that takes its root in traditional Chinese medicine. In acupuncture, thin needles are inserted into your body that relieves body aches, reduces stress, and improves your overall health. 

Acupuncture is especially helpful if you have joint pain, neck tension, or backache. It also works well for the numbness in your hands and feet. Not to forget, it reduces eye strain that causes headaches in the first place. 

So, instead of relying on allopathic medicines, why don’t you try these natural painkillers? I’m sure they’ll help as they helped me. Good luck!

Michael Caine
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