Five Things to Include in Your Shopping List When Traveling for Holiday to Georgia

Five Things to Include in Your Shopping List When Traveling for Holiday to Georgia

Georgia is a fascinating country situated at the crossroads of Asian and European cultures. Along with Caucasus Mountain villages, Black Sea beaches, wine-growing Kakheti regions, diverse architecture and mazelike, cobblestone avenues, one thing that you should never miss in Georgia is a day of shopping.

There are many items to shop for in Georgia, this article will tell you the top 5 things that you should buy when visiting the city and take home as souvenirs.

Traditional Georgian Clothes

When it comes to shopping, the first item is obviously clothes! 

Georgia has a remarkable history of culture and traditions and if you are visiting it for the first time, you must include traditional Georgian clothes in your shopping list.

You can get typical Georgian wear customized according to contemporary fashion. You can also buy traditional clothes and shoes for your family members and if you like casual wear, then you can get t-shirts with Georgian prints on them, too.

Georgian wine and wine horn

If you are a wine lover, then Georgia is going to be like heaven for you. Georgia is the birthplace of wine and for a wine lover, there is nothing better than the traditional Georgian drink as a souvenir. Here you can buy standard Georgian wine that is still made according to traditional techniques and features an authentic spicy flavor. 

Along with Georgian wines, you can also get yourself a wine horn for drinking. Just like you must have seen in movies or documentaries where folks carry their wine horns tied to their waists, you can also get a similar souvenir for yourself. These wine horns are made from a ram or goat’s horns and are also ornamented with silver cuffing. Frankly, they are the coolest item that you can get from the land of wine.

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Georgian Blue Tablecloths

Blue tablecloths are an essential part of Georgian culture and you can add these inexpensive items to your shopping bags.

These blue tablecloths called ‘spurs’ in Georgia are decorated with different objects such as plants, or animal attributes. Apart from traditional blue ones, you can also get modern Georgian tablecloths with a variety of sizes and color options such as red or green.

Georgian Enamel Jewelry

Georgian enamel has a long history and was in production till the 15th century. The traditional methods of making enamel were revived in the twentieth century. It is now made of molten glass and metals such as gold, silver or copper. 

If you are planning to visit Georgia, make sure you buy some of these gorgeous pieces of glass jewellery for your loved ones.

Georgian Art

Apart from the above-given objects and souvenirs, one thing that you can explore and purchase in Georgia is art pieces.

So when in Georgia, don’t forget to pay a visit to art galleries and exhibitions of renowned art collectors such as John Dodelande. Here you can find some of the most exquisite European and Chinese art collections and take the most authentic pieces of the glorious European culture back home with you.


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