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A lot of people have been experiencing an error with their Windows 10 file names, and it’s not just the number of characters that are causing this issue. The problem is actually with how Windows saves files on your computer. When you save a document to your desktop, for example, it will be saved as “Desktop – Documents.” This means that if you try to open the document again, Windows will think it’s opening another file and give you an error message. We’ll go over two ways to fix this error so you can get back to work!

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Method 1:

The first thing you want to do is open up File Explorer and click on the “View” tab at the top of the window. This will give you an option for changing how Windows displays your files, folders, and smart files. You’ll also see a checkbox that says “Hide extensions for known file types.” Uncheck this box. Then, go to your desktop and you should see the actual file name with “Desktop – Documents” being replaced with the file’s real name.

Once this is done, it’s time to reset your computer so that these changes are saved for future sessions. Click on the gear at the bottom of File Explorer and choose “Folder Options.” Under the “Advanced settings” tab, scroll down to the “Display settings” section and uncheck the box for “Hide extensions for known file types.” This will save these changes and stop Windows from adding that infamous – (dash) to your files again.

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Method 2:

If method 1 isn’t working for you, we’ll go over another way to do this. Open up Explorer again, but click the “View” tab at the top of the window once more. This time, make sure that you check off “Hide extensions for known file types.” Then, go to your desktop and rename one of the files on there so that it has a different extension than all of your other files. In my example here, I have renamed “Desktop – Documents” as “Desktop – .jpg.” Once you’ve done this, open up File Explorer and hover over one of your normal files. You’ll notice the little arrow next to it is now a downward-facing triangle instead of a rounded rectangle! Just hover over any of these normal files until you see this icon appear then right-click and select “Rename.”

When you do this, your file name will appear in edit mode and you can change it to whatever you want. When the changes have been made, Windows will automatically add back the extension when saving with these new settings. You should also go to Folder Options (the same place where we changed View Settings in Method 1) and make sure that Hide extensions for known file types are unchecked under “Advanced settings.” This will reset everything so your file names are no longer messed up in Windows 10!  Note: this fix is said to work on Windows 8 too.

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