Foods to avoid when your child is constipated


Constipation is a digestive problem that can cause a lot of discomforts. In this condition, food passes slowly through the digestive tract which then causes pain.

It also causes hard stools that are difficult to pass. A good indicator of if your child is constipated is by asking them about their visits to the loo; naturally, with constipation, they poop less frequently.

There are many factors that are responsible for constipation. The most salient is the lack of fiber in the diet. Fiber adds bulk to the diet and helps in moving the food along the tract.

Similarly, dehydration also makes the stools harder and thus more difficult to pass. Lack of activity also increases the risk of constipation. More often, constipation can be improved by giving the right food and working out, but if your child is making frequent complaints about the issue, you should consult the Best Child Specialist in Karachi.

Foods to avoid with constipation

An important principle in avoiding or remedying constipation is by ensuring that your child has sufficient fiber in the diet. However, alongside eating foods that have high fiber content, it is also vital that you exclude certain foods from the diet of your child, at least till the issue improves.


While cheese is good under circumstances, since it is high in calcium, but for children suffering from constipation, too much cheese is not a good idea. Cheese may lead to lesser bowel movements, which then increases the risk of constipation.

If your child is very fond of cheese, then at the very least try to moderate its quantity. Or better yet, hold it off until your child is doing better.  


Crips are a favorite amongst children. Easy for snacking, these are found in most households. Unfortunately, crisps are anything but good for health. They are high in fat and low in fiber. Moreover, the high sodium levels also contribute towards constipation.

Therefore, try to keep them away from your child. Give them crunchy vegetables like carrots to snack on instead.

Fast food

Children sure do love a burger, pizza, fries, pasta, and other forms of fried foods. However, these are not at all good for health, notwithstanding the issue of constipation.

Frozen foods

Parents who don’t have time on their hands often end up feeding frozen foods to their parents. They might be convenient, but healthy they certainly are not.

Most of the frozen foods have high fat and sodium content and lack the fiber that is needed by the body. So, try to avoid the frozen foods, and if there is no other option, then at least serve the salad on the side.

Most of the fast-food items are made from refined flour, which does not contain adequate fiber. Fast food also is devoid of vegetables, and no, the lettuce in the burger or the pizza topping doesn’t count. Since vegetables are high in fiber, therefore, lack thereof also then contributes to constipation.

Furthermore, fast food is also high in sodium, which disrupts the water balance in the body, promoting conditions that lead to constipation.

Ice cream

Ice cream is also made from milk, too much of which can, much like cheese, increase the risk of constipation. Since it is also high in sugar, it is not a good idea anyways.

Processed meat

Often, deli and other forms of processed meat are relied on to make child’s favorite snacks like hot dogs. However, consuming processed meat during constipation is not recommended, as they are high in fat and sodium, which exacerbate the condition.

White rice and bread

White rice has low fiber content, so it ends up compounding the issue of constipation. Similarly, white bread is also made from refined flour, that is void of fiber. Avoid these foods and consult the Best Child Specialist in Islamabad if the problem doesn’t resolve with dietary changes.

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