Has Buying a Beautiful Painting for a House Become Your Constant Search?


One of the most commonly asked questions that you would get is, “How to choose the perfect painting?” While your plain and simple walls might need a touch of charm, hand wall paintings can be a good heads up for your interiors. There are a few things to make sure you select a good piece for your space. Paintings let you reflect your personality through art on your walls. They let you define your story, a story that ascertains who you are. Art is what helps show the personality of the homeowner and their homes. It ties certain pieces together and creates a character in a home. 

Here are a few things you must consider before buying a beautiful painting for your home. 

Place it well

If you buy paintings online in India, you first need to decide where you want to place them. The living room, dining room and bedroom are where paintings look eccentric and beautiful. Not just paintings, but any wall decoration like wall plates decor, mirrors, etc. all of them should be selected only after you’re sure where you want to place them. 

Determine the size

Go for sizes that speak loud enough for themselves. Before you select the design of the painting that you want to hang on your walls, determine the size of the wall. When you know the size of the wall, it’ll help you find a piece that fits it well. If you have a nice big wall, you can choose a large painting for it that stands out. It will become the focal point of your room. 

Let it reflect your story

Every painting reflects the story of the artist. It has a certain depth that syncs well with yours, making its place in your abode. When you closely observe a painting, you’ll understand the elements, colors, strokes and everything else perfectly defines your personality on your walls. If you buy paintings online in India, try to discover the story behind them and then purchase. 

Choose your colors well

Your color palette is an extremely important thing to consider while buying paintings. As paintings add vibrance and boldness to your walls, you must choose the flow of the vividness. For example, if your room’s palette includes neutrals then hanging a vibrant painting with hints of blue, green and red will instantly make it look upscale and modish. 

Now your search for a beautiful painting for your home is over! Below are a few paintings you can buy from Dekor Company. 

Seven Running Horses

It is an astrologically designed wall painting. If you are a believer in astrology, then this wall painting is curated for you. The seven horses have been painted according to Vastu Shastra and signify luck, prosperity and wellbeing of the family. The color combination makes it a very eye-catchy painting that can be put at the entrance or in the living room. The color palette of this one includes vibrant red, blue and yellow. If you wish to buy paintings online in India, the Seven Running Horses is a superb option to consider. 

The Abstract Ocean Bubble

Made with bright blues and a hint of gold, this abstract art gives you a feeling of the depth of the ocean. Abstract Ocean Bubble is an awesome buy for people who are wanderlust or really like underwater. There is a reef at the bottom to give the painting a more realistic look. Amaze your guests with this beautiful wall painting hanging in your living room. If you wish to buy other home decoration items online as well, visit our website now! 

Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge Hand painted Wall Art

Sunsets are extraordinarily pretty. This sunset painting can complement any contemporary space. Straight from the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, it includes yachts and boats serenely floating near it. This eye-catching piece has a floater frame, ready to be hung on your bedroom walls. Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge is a masterpiece by Dekor Company, your first choice to buy home decoration items online in India

An English Evening Hand painted Wall Art 

Give your room a classic revamp with this contemporary style of hand painting. Portraying the cold shadows of a winter evening, buy wall paintings online in India and bring the English streets. The intricate strokes and fine lines of the cars, withered trees, and architecture make this wall decor a classic. You can buy wall plates decor and mirrors complementing this painting on the wall it’s hung on. The painting comes with a vintage gold frame shining bright on your wall. 

The Urban Art Stroke

Let your walls mark royalty with this dynamic and magnanimous painting. It is a perfect amalgamation of vintage, modern and urban homes. The strokes of pink, brown, green and white express seamlessness and boldness. It has been designed with exquisite delicacy, acrylic paints and a sturdy floater frame. The striking shades of the painting would make it the spotlight of your room, grabbing everyone’s glances. This painting would bring the room to life with style. 

Artsy Vibe Hand Painted Wall Painting

Get artsy, get classy. This is a striking bold painting that features blue, gold and white that brings a charm of royalty to it. Blue is the color of innovation and royalty. Buy paintings online in India like this one to captivate everyone with beauty and grandeur in your room. This one has an unmatched oomph in itself. 

So, here was a guide for you to end your search for a beautiful painting. Keep in mind the guidelines that we gave above before you shop paintings for your home. Hope you found this article helpful.

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