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    Waffle Recipes

    Regardless if you want to take a quick breakfast or add some snacks to your tea time, waffles happen to be the best choice. Most of these waffles are made by the batter cooked on designed plates. In some traditional ways, these are also made by filling something in between the two layers of batter and then cooking it in a waffle maker.

    This filling material could be sweet, salty, or spicy, according to your choice. But all these waffles can give you a full day’s energy. Some people made waffles just by filling them with oyster sauce or some other sauces. This shows how simple it is to make them.

    Following are some waffle recipes that are healthier and can be taken at breakfast, lunch, or any time in between.

    1. Chocolate Waffle

    Firstly, this waffle is for chocolate lovers. It is probably the most simple waffle that can be made in minutes. Mix some chocolate powder or directly your preferred chocolate in the batter and make waffles from it. After that, you have to add melted chocolate to it.

    2. Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

    These waffles bring an entirely new taste to your mouth. These are literally ice cream-loaded sandwiches. You can add different ice cream flavors according to your choice. The method is just simple, make waffles using batter and then put ice cream scoops over it and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

    3. Red Velvet Waffles

    These red-colored waffles are perfect for love birds on Christmas and Valentine’s day. These are easy to make. Add red-colored buttermilk into the batter and make them. Use sugar, chocolate chips, and nuts to decor it. 

    4. Pizza Waffles

    This is definitely for pizza lovers. You have to take pizza dough instead of a sweet batter and then place it into a waffle maker. Add cheese, small meat pieces, and soy sauce or some other sauce in it and cover it with the other piece of dough and make it until it’s properly cooked. 

    5. Air Fryer Chicken Waffles

    Make waffles with a less sweet or salty batter. After that take fried chicken pieces and place them over them. Use honey or some other sauce to cover them with it. 

    6. Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Waffle Sandwich

    To make it you have to make a batter of the cake powder, add the chocolate powder in it, and make its layer in the waffle maker. Cut them and place them over each other like a normal sandwich. Place different flavors of ice cream inside the sandwich and enjoy it. 

    7. Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Waffles

    This uses gluten-free powder instead of normal wheat flour to make them. You have to add peanut butter to it and it can also be used to lubricate the plates of the waffle maker. After they are ready you can cover it with brown sugar and enjoy it for breakfast or with tea.

    8. Garlic Bread Cheese Waffle

    Garlic bread is probably one of the best flavored loaves of bread. It is healthier as well. You have to make a batter just like that of garlic bread and make waffles from it. There are two methods to add cheese. You can either put it in melted form over the waffles or place it between two layers and enjoy cheese-filled waffles.

    9. Spinach Tomato Savory Waffles

    These waffles can be made by using cheese, cheddar, eggs, meat, and any combo of mixed vegetables. Tomato ketchup is the best dipping sauce for this waffle. 

    10. Oatmeal Banana Waffles

    These are gluten-free waffles as the flour comes from oats instead of wheat for these waffles. Adding bananas makes it somehow similar in taste to banana pancakes.

    11. Churro Waffles

    Made with five basic ingredients, cinnamon, all-purpose flour, salt, sugar, and butter, these churro waffles are a treat for churro lovers. You have to make a batter using all these ingredients and then make waffles from it. After that, you can garnish these with anything from brown sugar to different fruits and cream, etc. 

    The aforementioned recipes can help you to make waffles in minutes and these are healthier as well. You should try all these at home.

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