Here’s A Complete Guide On Men’s Cricket Shoes & 7 Top Features You Must Know

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Cricket is not just a game in India. It is a sentiment and a way of life that brings people from all walks of life together. It has inspired many movies and songs and has even influenced the fashion trends in the country. From children playing gully cricket to adults crowding outside a TV store to watch a match, the enthusiasm and zeal for the sport can be seen everywhere. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many from the upcoming generation aspire to be cricketers in the future. 

All You Need To Know About Cricket Shoes

As cricket has become a part of Indian Culture and is played from the grassroots level to the professional level, it has contributed a lot to the country’s economy. But as the sport requires a lot of running around, special shoes known as cricket shoes help the players perform better. These men’s cricket shoes not only enhance performance but also reduce the risk of potential injuries on the field. In this section, we discuss the different types of cricket shoes and how to choose the right ones. 

Spike Shoes

These are the most popular type of specialised men’s cricket shoes. Players wear them playing outdoors on the grassy pitch. As the name suggests, they have tiny spikes on the sole, which help the players run steadily on the ground without tripping or falling. Spikes can be made of metal or rubber material. The metal spikes offer extreme durability and traction on the field, while the rubber ones provide more comfort and grip on hard and dry artificial pitches. 

Batting Shoes

Designed especially for batsmen, these shoes provide good ankle movement due to their low-cut design. These men’s cricket shoes also have a lot of cushioning on the sole area, which helps the players take runs and play long innings comfortably. 

Bowling Shoes

Similar to cricketers, bowlers too require special shoes with a reinforced toe cap that protects them from injuries, sprains and sudden trips during their delivery strides. The high-cut design in these shoes provides extra support for the ankle.  

All-Rounder Shoes

As the name suggests, these men’s cricket shoes are for those multi-talented players who bat, bowl, and field. As these activities require running, jumping and being quick on the feet, the shoes have a medium-cut design which provides comfort, support, and durability.

Wicket-keeping Shoes

The wicket-keeping shoes have ample padding in the toe region, which protects the feet while catching the ball. The high-cut design in these shoes also makes sure the wearer’s ankle gets better support during quick movements.

Turf Shoes

Cricket players do not always play on natural, grassy fields. During practice and training sessions, they play on artificial pitches, and thus the floor is hard and dry. Therefore, turf shoes have tiny rubber studs on their soles to provide traction even on hard surfaces. 

Top Features You Must Know About Men’s Cricket Shoes

Cricket shoes play a pivotal role in the game as they provide the players with support, grip, traction and comfort. They also reduce the risk of injury and enhance performance. Mentioned below are some features you must know about. 

  1. Spike Type: The kind of spikes on the sole of the shoes is an important feature to consider. As mentioned, metal spikes are good for traction on natural pitches, while rubber spikes provide grip and comfort on artificial surfaces. 
  2. Sole: Opt for rubber soles if you want excellent grip and stability in men’s cricket shoes. However, for extra cushioning and shock absorption, opt for Polyurethane soles. 
  3. Cushioning: Cushioning in the insole and midsole provides comfort and reduces the risk of injury by absorption of shock on impact. 
  4. Breathability: It keeps the foot dry and cool by transferring heat and sweat from the foot outside through air circulation. Tiny holes and mesh panels allow good circulation. 
  5. Fit: An ill-fitting shoe causes discomfort and hampers free movement. Men’s cricket shoes must fit snugly while providing room for your toes to wiggle.
  6. Arch Support: Depending on the pronation of the foot, good arch support can protect the feet from injuries and also improve performance. 
  7. Ankle Collars: Padded ankle collars can help provide extra cushioning and stability to the player’s ankles and thus prevent injuries

How to Choose the Right Men’s Cricket Shoes

Mentioned below are some tips that might help you in choosing the right pair of shoes for your sport. 

  • Consider the kind of pitch you will be playing on.
  • Consider your playing style and choose a shoe that matches your requirements, such as extra support or better traction. 
  • Make sure your shoes fit well and provide comfort. Do not buy a shoe that fits tightly, thinking that it would loosen with use. Try different sizes before making a purchase.
  • Choose a reputed, high-quality brand because cheap shoes may give in to wear and tear quickly and may not provide the best features.


Cricket is a national obsession in India. The upcoming Indian Premier League matches will motivate many young men to pursue the sport as a career. Therefore, when you buy men’s cricket shoes online, look for high-quality ones from a reputed brand that can help you run, jump and stand firm on the ground. 


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