Hidden Bakery Boxes Features That Will Make Your Business Better


If you’re looking for bakery boxes we’ve got your back. We have a wide selection of sizes, and a range of colors. There are boxes that come with and without windows to allow viewing of the product. Furthermore, we can design your logo onto our cupcake and baked goods boxes. Create a splash and let your customers proudly display the name of your business as they leave your establishment with your custom-designed box. Enhance the value of your merchandise and increase your brand’s visibility.

  • Boxes in all sizes to suit your needs.
  • The windowed cake and mini pie boxes make mouths water when you show off your delicious treats
  • The boxes for baking are flat to make it easy to store however, they’re an easy task to put together
  • Ideal for cafes, bakeries doughnut shops, bake sales
  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials
  • Available cupcake inserts with matching cupcakes.
  • Cupcake Boxes & Accessories

These top-quality Cupcake Boxes come with semi-gloss varnish, a simple one-piece construction, and transparent cellophane window that lets showcase the baked goods you’ve made.
Cupcakes cakes, cookies and other pastries are unique treats, and their packaging needs to be unique as well. Packzy Enterprises offers the “baker’s dozen” of bakery boxes that you can choose from that will enhance your store. There are many colors, styles sizes, designs, and colors to complement your bakery’s wholesale packaging to your brand’s message.

Facts About Bakery Boxes That Will Blow Your Mind

Our bakery boxes are available with vibrant pinks as well as natural Kraft chocolate brown, white, black and printed baked good boxes. You can tailor the bakery items to fit the decor of your business and choose the colors of your bakery boxes based on of the specific events or promotions you’re planning to host.

How Bakery Boxes Makes Looking Good Cupcake

These cupcake cases are strong and easy to put together, and give that traditional pastry-like feel. You can pick between small medium, large, and small sizes that can accommodate single cupcakes or four, two twelve, or up to 24 standard cupcakes. There are two options: windows or non-window containers with handles to make it easy to carry. Be sure to note what’s in the box. Packzy offers cupcake inserts to make sure that each cupcake stays fixed and won’t tip over or get caught with other cakes.

Our bakery boxes are available of Pink Strawberry, Chocolate Brown, Kraft Brown, white and black to compliment the delicious food items they contain inside. Alongside cupcakes they are ideal for donuts and cookies and come in various sizes.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Bakery Boxes.

We provide baking boxes that can hold donuts or other pastries that are flat. Our boxes are simple and quick to construct and can accommodate order of 6-12 or even 24 doughnuts. You can pick between plain white matte with a Kraft interior or swirls, pink white pinstripe, or white cafe-style boxes. Donut boxes can be recycled compostable, biodegradable, and compostable.

Cake packaging boxes are ideal for cakes that are flat However, they can also be used for cake rounds, doughnuts cupcakes, creme puffs , and other items. Choose from white, pink brown, Kraft and white pinstripe cake boxes that come with and without window.

Final Thoughts

MrTakeOutBags.com has boxes for baking products, including special boxes. Our bagel and pastry boxes are available in a variety of sizes, and come with handy handles and windows to see inside contents. The baked goods packaging we offer can hold a single or dozen of pastries. With the inserts we provide, donuts and cupcakes won’t get squashed. For our cupcakes in individual boxes, they can accommodate standard and jumbo-sized cupcakes. They come in a variety of colors, including white, pink chocolate brown Kraft Black, as well as even with windows.
Make your Bakery Boxes Extra Special by Adding the Finishing Touch
For the ultimate cherry (or sprinkles) You can get you bakery’s name printed on all the boxes you purchase. Your customers will be impressed by the attention to detail and will be eager to show off their impressive packaging to their family and friends.

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