How An Immortal Revolutionary War Hero May Change the Comics World Forever


The Geigerverse, or Unnamed Universe, has become a significant player in the comic industry after being debuted by Geoff Johns. This comic legend has helped many franchises off the ground, including the Stargirl television series. In addition, he recently announced that he’s adding a new character and comic to his line, The Redcoat. This change could positively impact the market in many ways.

The Redcoat Will Expand the Unnamed Universe

The Redcoat was debuted by Johns online in a recent post, and his upcoming comic will explore this fascinating character and all his potential story ramifications. For those who haven’t read the update, The Redcoat is part of the Unnamed Universe, a comic world created by Johns around the apocalyptic Unnamed War. Its primary character is Geiger, a titular comic character exploring the destroyed country and the rest of the world.

However, The Redcoat is a unique entry to this world because he has been alive nearly 300 years by the time he meets Geiger. That’s because he is a Revolutionary War hero who gains immortality and fights in multiple wars throughout history. Using his wits and skills, The Redcoat thrives in war environments and even plays an essential role in the Unnamed War that destroyed so much of humanity.

While The Redcoat hasn’t been released at the time of this blog’s publication, Johns and his team have released a few details about it. The potential impact it could have on Geiger is potentially seismic, as it brings in pre-apocalypse times and influences. However, it could also potentially impact the comic industry in ways that go beyond the impact of the story itself.

Why This Is Good for Comics

The most exciting thing about The Redcoat is the possible universe that Johns could build around him and the rest of Johns’ comic universe. While comic universes are obviously nothing new, Johns operates in a creator-owned realm. His connections with Marvel and other publishers may give his work more heft, but he is taking control of the series to direct it and craft its universe himself without any unnecessary interference.

This high control and creative liberty level could inspire other comic creators to take a similar step. So, could the comic world be reaching a new golden age, with dozens of creators producing fantastic work that could explore bold and innovative worlds? With his expertise, storytelling skills, and professional approach, Johns could help encourage new creators in fascinating and unforgettable ways.

Stay Tuned to Learn More About This Series

As we get more news about The Redcoat and finally get our hands on a copy, we’ll discuss its unique storylines and how it affects the Unnamed Universe. So make sure to pick up a copy when it finally debuts to learn more about what it offers. We believe that Johns is likely on to something interesting with this character and feel it will improve the Unnamed Universe in many different ways.

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