How Can I Hide My Spy Camera In My Car?


To add a layer of security to your car, you need to install a security camera. The same must be of small size and easy to hide.

A sneakily installed Spy camera pen can be a great way to keep a close tab on your vehicle when you are not around. It also helps to protect your expensive drive from intruders and poor drivers. 

However, the close quarters of the vehicle make it difficult to hide a camera. A keen observer can easily notice most of the spy cameras and ruin your plan to catch them unawares in the act. Thus, it would help if you bought a spy camera easily hidden in the vehicle without attracting any attention.

Learning how to hide a spy camera in my car, was the biggest revelation for me. I had no idea that so many things were available for me to hide a spy camera, and especially so because of everything I had been doing wrong! I had been keeping my husband’s and son’s cars for almost a year now, without a clue that I was actually planning on stealing the cars for some illicit purposes. I had always believed that it was unsafe to keep my son’s car in the boot without him noticing, as he would not understand why I was taking so long to come and pick it up. But hiding the spy camera inside the glove box proved to be an excellent decision!

Of course, to hide your camera you need to get a really good lens, high resolution and a high quality picture of what you want to catch. When you are shopping around for the best spy camera that you can get, make sure that it has a zoom lens, that will enable you to zoom in on very close subjects, as you can see them clearly. Some cameras have a focusing wheel so that you can adjust the focus on your own. To help reduce blurring of the images, use a card reader to transfer the data from the camera to your computer.

You can buy several modern miniature cameras like the Spy camera watch, etc., that can be placed on the dashboard to record the activities inside the vehicle.

How to conceal a camera in your car?

When you decide to buy a spy camera for your drive, you need to search for the one that has the smallest camera possible. There are hundreds of such camera variants available in the market that can have a tiny camera, battery, etc., and can be hidden effectively in the car. 

For instance – having a Spy camera pen that features a Wi-Fi network, audiovisual recording, live streaming, etc., can be a good idea for your rental vehicle. However, on the downside, the smaller the camera size, the lower its power and features.

Choosing cameras like Spy camera watch, etc., can be camouflaged along with other knick-knacks on the dashboard to record the activities inside the car. However, it is tough to conceal such devices when you have a driver. In such a case, having a dashboard camera installed smartly inside the vehicle can make all the difference.

Does the camera quality matter for your vehicle security?

Depending on your needs, you can choose between a basic to an advanced camera. If you are interested in catching a glimpse of the thief, you need to invest in the best cameras. Hence, a camera positioned in the dashboard, facing the driver, rearview mirror, etc., can be a good idea. 

If you wish to keep an eye on the passengers, you need a camera positioned towards the seats. The camera angle is important, and having an adjustable camera can be a good idea. However, such cameras are expensive and can leave a huge hole in your pocket.

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