Are incense burners useful for pizza restaurants?


Many studies have depicted the countless benefits of incense burnings in their households. But Are incense burners useful for pizza restaurants or any public place? is the next question that arrives in one’s mind.

This article may assist you to attain meticulous information regarding this aspect of incense burners. So coming to the point!

Are incense burners useful for pizza restaurants?

  • The orthodox answer to this question is yes it may help a lot in creating the soothing, aromatized environment in your restaurant. It also provides a lot of benefits to the human mind and physical wellbeing.
  • It is also helpful in creating some aesthetic views of the pizza restaurant. Interior designers contrast and mix-match different styles of the incense burners which escalates the mesmerizing view of that place.
  • The more foot placement and flow of people create a certain type of smell to any closed place. Incense sticks or cones come in different scents like rose or cedar which spread positive energies and fragrances to the atmosphere.
  • Everyone wants to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and if your restaurant has some pleasing aromatic environment then the customer might want to enjoy the food at your pizza restaurant.
  • Proper utilization of incense:
  • You need to properly place the incense burners especially the cone incense burners should be placed properly.
  • Pay attention to the point that only backflow incense can create texture smoke in backflow.
  • Be careful of the surrounding for instance do not place that incense in open places, near the open windows or doors, and near any flammable material like furniture.
  • The burner of the incense is usually ceramics or nonflammable material which does not transfer the heat or the flame.
  • You do not need to wash the whole incense to blow it off because it might lose its burning effectiveness the next time.


  • Some Incense smoke not only contains carcinogens but also contains irritants. This may lead to major respiratory problems. Studies on the medical reports illustrated that 3000 schoolchildren have asthma because of incense burning in their school place.
  • You need to be extra cautious of choosing the incense type and what are materials are processed in incense cones or sticks before applying them in your restaurant.
  • Some researchers also claimed that incense smoke could also cause cancer. The amalgamation of toxic materials like carbonyls, benzene, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons could become the potential cause of cancer.
  • Some say incense smoke can also be the cause of inflammation in the body.
  • All these cautions should be considered and one should know the proper materials used in that specific incense.

Bottom line:

Are incense burners useful for pizza restaurants? Yes, it might help in escalating the scenery, wall decorations, and spreading positivity. As incense burners are easy places and are in small sizes. It also drives away the negativity and tiring struggling thoughts of the person. But at the end of the day, the rising health hazards of incense smoke make the utilization of incense in public places a question.

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