How is an Online Share Trading App Profitable for Traders?


An online share trading app is a platform to buy or sell shares and other financial assets. It is a smart application that is growing day by day. 

The professional stock trading app has modern technology and an easy-to-use interface that makes share trading a very simple process.

What are Traders?

A stock trader is a person who watches the market and manages investment in several stocks. Traders also work as consultants for other people to guide investors about mutual funds, hedge funds, intraday trading, or any strategy to buy or sell shares.

A stock trader is also known as a financial advisor as they guide and manage their client’s financial portfolio. This type of stock trader can be any individual with a different work profile but has a deep knowledge of the Stock Market. For being a stock trader, you need to spend enough time around stock trading and practice different strategies.

What Do Traders Do?

After the internet, the online share trading app has become a huge investment hub for Indian and foreign investors, with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) regulating the framework of the stock market. It ensures that the protocol set by SEBI is properly followed by both investors and the companies listed on the Indian Stock Market. The market should function in a good, transparent and protect the interest of both investors and companies.

An online Share trading app is a medium between traders and companies. The stock system was first introduced by the French, British, and Dutch governments. In the olden time, you need to visit the Stock market and do all the trading activity. But now, the trading process is very simple. All you need to have is a share trading app and an internet connection to perform trading anywhere in the world.

What is the Use of Stock Trading Apps?

In India, the Depository Participants (DPs) have the online share trading app. An investor needs to open a Demat and trading account using the trading app. All you have to do is submit a necessary document and wait for some time to confirm your credential and get your account details.

Investors can buy and sell equities, bonds, F&O, commodities, and Mutual Funds. You can use a Demat account to store all your financial assets in one place and use your trading account to transact these securities while performing trade on the Stock Market. Investors can buy or sell shares for short-term or long-term trades depending on their investment style and goal.

There is one app that can complete all your financial needs. This online share trading app has lots of features. There is also a guide from IIFL Securities that can help you achieve your financial goals.

Features of IIFL Market App

IIFL Securities in India is one of the leading stock broker companies. It is a full-time broker service. They provide you a 2 in 1 account opening that is a Demat account and the trading account.

Dashboard View

IIFL Market’s online share trading app has an advanced dashboard that will provide you a clear picture of Indices, commodities, currencies, and more asset summary on your Demat account. Even a  novice trader won’t find it difficult through the dashboard of the IIFL Market app.

Deep Research

The app offers thorough research on stock and stock-related news. It also provides research on top 500 NSE and BSE listed companies. The research is verified and well-published to enable investors to make better trading decisions.

Quick view

You can filter and check the stock companies of your choice in which sector you are interested. And you can filter and sort them according to your need.


It is a lock feature from the IIFL Market app that secures your online share trading app from unauthorized transactions.

Trading Tips

IIFL Securities provide trading tips for Equity, F&O, Currency, Mutual Funds, etc. Stock tips offered by IIFL are provided by professionals who use data and technical analysis to make your trading profitable.

The IIFL Market app is one of the most rated and downloaded apps in Apple and Google Play Store. Through the IIFL Market app, you can trade in BSE, MCX, and NCDEX exchanges. You can get all the solutions to financial queries on a single roof. IIFL Market app has quick customer service, and you can get a quick chat to solve any problem.

The IIFL Securities offers a free Demat and trading account opening. You also get one year free AMC or Demat account and low transaction fees. Download the IIFL Market app now to grow your financial portfolio.

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