How to treat crystals in Urine?


Did you notice crystals in urine? Then you must be wondering whether it is something to worry about or not. Continue to read and we will share what crystals in urine mean. It can be treated with right medication such as Colcrys. Continue to read and we will share additional information on how you can overcome this health condition.

Why do you get crystals in urine? 

Most of the time, crystals in urine indicate a problem with kidney function, but they may also indicate a urinary tract infection or chronic dehydration since water is necessary to condense composites in the urine. Drinking adequate water each day is vital for a variety of biological processes, as well as waste disposal so that the body may cleanse itself. Dehydration may badly damage the skin to the point that other sections of the body’s waste disposal must pick up the slack. As a result, drinking extra water is typically a good idea.

If we’re talking about gout, we’ll have to address the topic of what uric acid is. Condensed uric acid is what crystals in urine are formed of, and when there are enough of them, gout may develop. Returning to the toes, the discomfort of gout arises there because uric acid is temperature sensitive, and the colder it is, the higher the chance of it condensing into crystals. Because the feet and toes are as far away from the heart as feasible, other joints in the body are less prone to gout simply because they are warmer.

This establishes a link between excellent heart health and keeping your body’s fingers and toes less vulnerable to gout, even though you’re still aware of crystals in your urine. Gout, as well as gout therapy medicines and how long does gout endure, will be discussed in further depth below.

It’s a health issue among men 

Men are more likely than women to get gout, and although there are some inherent reasons for this, it has a lot to do with food and lifestyle choices. We know what uric acid is, but purines — a kind of rich protein found in specific meals, most notably beer and red meat – are the cause of too much uric acid in the body. When purine-rich foods, such as chocolate, beets, berries, peanuts, spinach, and sweet potatoes, are consumed alongside oxalate-rich foods, they are more likely to induce crystals in the urine and gout.

Gout affects individuals differently, and some people may be affected more severely than others. But one thing is certain: you won’t see a gout sufferer sprinting up the stairs instead of using the escalator. Every stride is excruciating and placing actual pressure on the toes when sprinting or leaping is completely out of the question. Colcrys is the gold standard for treating gout since it effectively reduces the inflammatory response, but it’s also a good idea to make dietary modifications to prevent uric acid accumulation from causing crystals in the urine.

Recovering from crystals in urine 

Overly sensitive toes are unpleasant, so gout patients may wonder how long the condition will endure. That varies by person, but most individuals who make the necessary dietary modifications and start using a gout treatment prescription should notice a reduction in joint pain and stiffness within 3 to 1 month. Colcrys takes time to act, and if patients continue to eat gout-causing foods and beverages, its responsiveness will be significantly reduced.

Cherry juice is also known to aid with gout treatment, so consuming a couple of glasses a day can help you get through the time it takes to get rid of gout. You can apply ice to the affected joints in your body. On the other hand, you may also elevate your affected joint above your heart or get a good sleep at night as much as you can. 

Following these rules will make it far less likely that you may develop crystals in your urine, which can be a sign of gout. All of the gout-prevention diet and lifestyle adjustments will also have additional health advantages, so it’s a good idea to stick with them.

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