How to Accommodate A L Shaped Sofa In Your Living Room


Sofas are the best place to stretch your legs and relax after a hard day’s work. Imagine sitting on your cozy couch, enjoying a nice movie, popcorn in hand, while in the company of family and friends.  Of course, this can only happen if you own a comfy sofa. With so many varieties available now, it’s become very hard to select the perfect sofa set.  We’ve become all too familiar with the regular three-piece L shaped sofa sets that are found in most homes. It’s time to consider a different design – The L-shaped sofas. It feels luxurious to have such sofas in the living room. These sofas are guaranteed to give a smart and trendy look to the room. Wakefit has some cool designs that would instantly transform the look of your room. 

Before you consider adding an L shaped sofa to your living room, be sure to take a look at a few pointers that will make the process a lot easier. Let’s take a quick look at them right now. 

Measure your space:

An L shaped sofa looks best when there is ample space in the room. This gives the feel of simple elegance. It is easy to accommodate an L shaped sofa in large and spacious living rooms. The L shaped sofa contains many seats and is slightly bigger than the regular three-piece sofa sets. Make sure to find the exact dimensions of your room as this will help to figure out if  you have sufficient free space around the sofa set online to walk freely and to place the other furniture and home decor items. This will ensure that the room looks airy and spacious. 

Choose to divide the room:

Sometimes your room might be long and narrow making it unsuitable for the regular sofa sets. In such cases, an L shape sofa design might just come to your rescue. It helps you divide the room into two halves. You can position the L –shape sofa in a way that it acts as a divider in the room, making it look like two separate spaces. This is the ideal solution for those who don’t have a separate dining space in their home. An L shaped sectional sofa helps you create a dining space in the same room without the need for walls or partitions. Experiment with different types of layouts and choose the best out of them.

Try adapting chaises:

While contemplating the purchase be sure to remember that not all L shaped sofas are the same. Although the shape of all L shaped sofas remains the same, their design and pattern vary from each other. Many sofas have the chaise at the left end and some in the right end. Pick the correct type based on your room’s layout. Chaises help you stretch your legs and relax while watching TV. So make sure the chaise side of the sofa is placed perpendicular to the TV unit so that you may lay down and stretch your legs while watching the TV. Also, keep the sofa away from door openings, archways, and pathways. 

Choose the corners:

If you don’t have enough space to place an L shaped sofa set, but still want to buy one, just choose a disused corner of the room and fix your L shaped sectional sofa there. Position your TV unit opposite the sofa set and make it your permanent place to relax and have fun with your loved ones. The L-shaped sofa has an innovative design that adapts itself to any situation and style. So do not worry that the sofa design could clash with the overall theme of  your living room. This sofa adjusts itself to both contemporary and rustic styles.  

Do not disturb the lighting and cross ventilation of the room:

While placing a sofa set in the room, ensure that you do not block the natural light from entering the room. The natural light that enters a room via the windows should not be interrupted as they make the room feel bright and airy. If your window sill is higher than the sofa set, then you can place it on a window wall. Otherwise, it is better to place the sofa set against windowless walls. The L shaped sofas also work well on semi-open plan rooms where you have light from the open and the sofa still remains under the roof.

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It is easy to make your home look elegant and classy with the help of an L shaped sofa. With its ultra-modern design and extreme adherence to comfort, it is the one piece of furniture that will never go out of trend. You may choose to either visit a local retailer or browse websites to find the perfect sofaset online for your home. Remember to do your research and buy from reputed dealers and get it delivered right to your home.

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