Functions Of A Leader


In any business, if the group performance is efficient, then every operation goes seamlessly. But managing the performance of the team is a challenge. Every task is successfully fulfilled under effective leadership, from motivating employees to attaining the desired outcome. Leadership is a vital management function that helps in directing the team towards organizational goals.

Functions Of A Leader

The power of leadership is the power of integration. In addition, it is an essential element of the management function. Wherever you see a well-organized group of people, an effective leader is working as a support system with them and giving constant guidance. For a leader, it will no longer be challenging to understand the process of leadership if they comprehend the functions of leadership. Read further to know the different important functions of a leader that help in empowering the team.

  • Leader Acts As A Representative

Depending on work education, skills, qualifications, abilities, leaders are appointed on multiple levels within the hierarchy of the organization. The CEO of a company is a leader acquiring the topmost position. The leaders at different levels have to handle clerical, managerial, administrative, technical responsibilities. When any subordinates face difficulties, leaders supervise them and guide them with solutions. They represent the whole team in front of senior management if any problem consistently causes considerable impacts.

  • Leader Acts As A Motivator

Within the course of fulfillment of job duties, the team may face numerous overwhelming challenges and problems. The disappointments caused due to workloads may take place frequently or seldom. Therefore, a leader has to act as a motivator to empower the team with continuous motivation and inspiration. The leader should be empathetic enough so that any employee can feel free to express their problems. In this way, leaders make a significant contribution in helping employees to overcome barriers.

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  • Leader Ensures Effective Time And Resource Management

The function of a leader is to ensure every work is completed satisfactorily and sustainably. One of the responsibilities of leaders involves directing employees to utilize the resources like materials, technologies, tools, machinery, equipment, and finances. An effective leader always guides their team to manage time by creating a schedule productively. 

  • Leader Makes The Working Culture Conducive

To bring out satisfactory results, leaders need to create a conducive working environment. They ensure that the workspace has the appropriate infrastructure, amenities, facilities, equipment, and technologies to support them. Apart from surroundings, teams are composed of individuals coming from different socio-economic backgrounds. They maintain the integrity of the team, which effectively reduces workloads.


Leaders guide and direct the overall function of the organization. They focus on inculcating mutual understanding and integration to ensure effective teamwork. When the employees are happy and satisfied in the organization with their job roles, the objectives of the leaders tend to be fulfilled. With his effective leadership, Sheldon Inwentash net worth is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs nowadays. Sheldon Inwentash ThreeD Capital founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer. Leaders are not just responsible for making the business successful but they are also responsible for making sure that their people are inspired, motivated, and will be successful as well.

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