How To Avoid Fake Crystal Healing Sets – Crystal Set For Anxiety


A lot of people in the online community are talking about fake crystals and stones. The fear is that nobody knows which is the real one. Just Relax! Take a deep breath and smile.

Because you’re in the right place. You must know that some crystals are created in the labs. They are also known as synthetic crystals. Rubies are common examples of synthetic crystals. 

Turquoise is again a very common example. It is made from ceramic plastic and is considered fake by many. There are many other forms of artificial crystals that you need to research. Compare the prices, colors, shapes and ask questions from the online crystal shops before you make the Purchase Decision.

If you want to change your life it is important that you increase your value by buying the real crystals rather than the fake ones. 

Here you’ll come to know everything about the crystal healing sets, crystal healing kits, crystal sets for anxiety, and the real online crystal shops. 

Crystal Healing Kits – Online Crystal Shops 

Crystals operate on a very high vibrational frequency towards light, power, and love. Everyone wants to have the right crystal. What if you hear about fake crystals around? Notice the feeling of fear it brings inside you. 

Did you know that half of the markets are full of fake crystals? Do you need to recognize which one is the right one for you? 

We are temporary human beings who adore working with the crystals to raise their vibrational frequency. Crystals are tools with conscious awareness. They are used to help you out in the best way possible.

The first thing that you need to do is purchase from a reputable seller. Research well. Look out for the positive reviews, the experience of the online crystal shop. 

Look for someone who can answer all your crystal inquiries and questions. Opt for raw crystals. You will see the growth structures inside the rough stones and crystals. This is one of the best identification factors in the crystals. If it’s polished and tumbled, then it’s a completely different story.

Because the hardness scale doesn’t work well on polished and tumbled crystals. Also, if the crystal is dyed, it’s hard to determine the stone characteristics and factors. 

Let’s Talk About Genuine Crystals 

Crystals have organized atomic growth structures. There are many genuine crystal structures that exist in the market. Some include salt and snowflakes.

However, these are pretty fragile and don’t make a good impersonation as a crystal. So, you must choose a genuine crystal that suits you the best. Beware of the fake crystals that are made of glass only. 

These are often known as cat’s eye, goldstone, opalite. These are just stones and not crystals as they are made of glass and plastic. There’s a crystal called obsidian that is a black volcanic glass created inside the Earth. It’s often seen as green or blue. Because it’s dyed and a man-made glass. 

So, beware. There are a lot of fraud crystals available in online crystal shops. Choose the one that’s genuine. You can do that only when you’ve researc

hed well. Avoid all the glass and plastic that are being sold in the form of crystals. Dyed, heated, or chemically altered crystals are the ones that must be avoided. One of the most often dyed crystals is amethyst. These are generally clusters that are made of vibrant colors. 

So, get ready to make the right choice with the best online crystal shops!

Happy Choosing!

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