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How to Become a Hafiz! | #1 Online Hifz Classes available for you!

The memorization of the Quran is indeed an ultimate blessing in the life of a Muslim that is bestowed by Allah Almighty. The Quran displays noble and forbidden things, it is filled with guidance through examples of people that have passed.   

The Holy Prophet(PBUH) narrated in such a beautiful way,

Read the Quran for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the day of judgment.”

Believe it or not, there are some advantages to memorizing the Quran in online classes. 

Some of them that we showcase in our Online Hifz classes will make you fall in love with the online so much that you are going to ask yourself why would someone want the old traditional classroom environment? 

And why are so many people saying that online classes are a great alternative to in-person attendance in class?

Why Do Online Quran Hifz with us?

It has been repeatedly shown that studying in a loud and noisy environment will divert your attention. Hence, we come up with a hassle-free solution to your problem by creating an emancipating Online Quran Hifz course. 

You can learn easily and fastly while staying at home from the best Hafiz instructors in a calm and conservationist environment. 

 Sometimes it is hard to focus and when it comes to HIFZ OF QURAN, you will require more focus than you give to your usual academic course. 

 In this Hifz Online course, we will be focusing on what are our major peculiarities in terms of our well-articulated strategy for the Online  Quran memorization classes.       

The most important feature that we cherish in our Online Hifz course, that we are proud of is deeply drilling down your memorization concerning tajweed

However, freely available information doesn’t always go into enough depth. Additionally, it will help you to remove all of your barriers that are stopping you from learning and you will memorize according to your pace.

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What is the benefit of Memorizing the Quran?

Memorization of the Quran will provide you with enormous attributes some of them include;

  • Improves your memory
  • A source of divine healing
  • A guide revealing the lawful and unlawful things for Life
  • Provides an understanding of Allah’s creations
  • Help to know about matters related to our routine life
  • Huge rewards for the reciter of the Quran.
  • It makes the heart softer!

As Prophet(PBUH) said;

This is the book (THE QURAN) in which there is no doubt. A guide to those who are pious and fear Allah (Keep away themselves from sins and evil deeds which he has prohibited) and love Allah.

From this, you can tell what will be the importance of the ones who memorize it.

We as Muslims are blessed with the well-protected book, the word of Allah, that will not only bring guidance and benefits for its readers and memorizers, the Sacred Quran. 

So our dear brothers and sisters just imagine how great will be the reward in learning and memorizing the words of Allah from a healthy and safe environment that we bring through our online Hifz classes.

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Online Hifz Course with Bodacious features to hook you up!

Apart from The best Curriculum, the following are some other great features in this Online Hifz course

Customized Online Hifz Classes:

Every student has their own pace when it comes to memorizing the Quran it will also differ with each individual. 

When you will learn it online you know your shortcomings and you will learn accordingly. 

Proper monitoring of Your Progress!

In this course, your everyday performance will be monitored. So they will be flexible, causing you to learn more and waste less time. 

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Establish Your Self Discipline with an Organized Memorization course!

The main key to the success of online classes is self-discipline. By taking online Hifz classes you will build stronger self-discipline as you will know your verses from today are still pending and your teacher will inquire about them.

One-on-one Hifz Quran Classes for you!

In some ways, we agree the distance will be greater between your Hifz tutor and you as you are not sitting in front of the tutor but some students are shy to ask the questions from the teacher so you can have pros and cons too. 

By simply typing your question you will get an answer.

24/ 7 online Quran Hifz Classes Available!

In online classes, location doesn’t matter if you want to study from a teacher no matter where he/she is living.

 You can avail yourself of their service 24/7 and Hifz Quran from your favourites. That will break the partition in simpler ways. 

Economical Quran Hifz Course in your Hands Now!

You will study from your favourite teacher at a much lower cost. First of all, it will cost you a lesser amount in terms of your fees as our Quran Hifz Course is in such an affordable price range that you will not be able to miss the chance. 

Well Planned Schedule for step-by-step Quran Memorization! 

Our Online Quran Hifz course will overcome all of your barriers as we provide quality education in considering the sincere efforts of our beloved Muslim brothers and sisters that trusted us and choose us in terms of this great rewarding activity.

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More learning through creating affiliations 

You will study with thousands of students at the same time yet differently, it will help you build self-confidence.

Constant revisions to make sure your strong memorization

You will slowly start from small sections and once one surah will be completed you will go through the whole process of revision.

One after the other surah the process goes on and so revisions will continue until the last part of the Quran.

Pass the trial first to unlock the next chapter

After small segments, your instructor will indulge you in Online assessments that will tell you about your current situation. In this way, you will have a report about every previous chapter before starting a new one.

More suitable timetables for better memorization  

You will have ample time to concentrate in your Online Hifz Classes and you can study according to your learning style which suits you best.

You will have freedom of whatever you want to learn and how much time you would like to spend on a certain chapter without having any judgemental comments. 

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Better communications for faster Hifz Quran

You will improve your communication skills by interacting with your instructors and other students. 

You will certainly be able to reduce the dreaded commute and will enhance the meaning of verses with time as well.  


Our Online Hifz course will guarantee the success and happiness of those who follow it in memorizing the Quran!

So we have to purify our souls in such a way that will provide us a chance to talk to Allah. 

Without wasting any time, enroll in this life-changing course. We certainly assume that after the completion of this Quran Memorization course you will be a different Muslim, INSHALLAH! 

Tear down all your barriers and enrol now!  

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