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    How to Boost Your Revenue Reseller Hosting or Affiliate Marketing


    Are you running a web design or development business? Or, Are you operating an agency? In either case, you have the possibility to boost your revenue by rendering additional services to your clients. The two popular and powerful options you can come across are reseller hosting and affiliate programs. Although they both are related to web hosting, there is a significant difference between them when it comes to management. So, it can get highly confusing for you to pick any one of them in order to intensify your income. Therefore, in this article, we have come with crucial insights into reseller hosting and affiliate programs, which will let you make the right choice as per your necessities, and goals. 

    What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

    what is Affiliate marketing program?

    The affiliate marketing program is a quick and effective method for generating passive income on the web. In this method, you become an affiliate who joins an affiliate program for the preferred product or service. After joining an affiliate program, a unique link with an embedded tracking code is provided to you. Once you share the respective link and someone utilizes it for purchasing a product or a service, you obtain a commission for that particular purchase. 

    Pros of Being an Affiliate

    Passive revenue – If you do affiliate marketing correctly, you can create passive income consistently. 

    Simple to begin – All you are required to do is share the link and encourage customers towards your affiliate offer. 

    The lower level of responsibility – Once you have made a customer driven towards the company, your work gets done.  

    Cons of Being an Affiliate

    • You do not get the opportunity to enhance your income via upsells. You can only generate a commission. 
    • You do not get the guarantee that the user checking out your link will buy the product or service or not. 
    • You need to follow the affiliate terms of service provided by the company or, else you will not be able to obtain your income. 

    What is Reseller Hosting?

    What is Reseller Hosting?

    Reseller hosting is a service that makes you run your own web business. As a reseller, you buy the web hosting packages from the parent host company that can be further provided to your end customers. After purchasing the reseller web hosting packages, you customize them under your own brand name or company’s name and resell them to your customers at the selling cost set by you. With the reseller hosting service, you get the possibility to begin your web hosting business from anywhere around the world. It also gives an easy way and excellent opportunity to those who wish to open their own web hosting company but do not have enough experience or funds to begin. 

    Types of Reseller Hosting

    Mentioned followings are the three major and most famous types of reseller hosting you can encounter in the web industry – 

    Linux Reseller Hosting

    In this type of hosting, you acquire the Linux OS with the web hosting server. Because of the open-source platform provided by the Linux operating system, managing the reseller hosting business becomes quite secure. That is because the faults and vulnerabilities are constantly recognized and fixed by the users. Moreover, being an open-source in nature, Linux is also free to employ for hosting purposes. 

    Windows Reseller Hosting

    In this type of hosting, you acquire the Windows OS with the web hosting server. Because of the easy accessibility and graphical user interface (GUI) features provided by the Windows operating system, managing the reseller hosting business becomes quite easy even if one is newly working with Windows. Moreover, you require a license to run Windows as it is developed under Microsoft corporation. 

    WHMCS Reseller Hosting

    In WHMCS reseller hosting, you acquire the one-stop solution for everything from operating and managing your reseller hosting business to handling and running the customer services. The WHMCS is a short form for Web Hosting Management Complete Solution and is also popularly known for the client management automation tool. Bringing WHMCS to your reseller hosting business provides a swift and straightforward way to add effective value to your web hosting packages. 

    Pros of Being a Reseller

    Low startup costs – You do not need to create anything from the base. You just need to buy the right plan. 

    Scalable business – You can expand your reseller hosting business as and when possible for you. 

    Less work for the same quality – Once you find the right parent host company, you can divert the same quality towards your end customers without making many efforts. 

    Cons of Being a Reseller 

    • You can not acquire complete control over your reseller hosting business aspects as there is a high dependence on a parent host.
    • Since the net profit you make depends on how much the parent host is costing you for the reseller hosting package, it is difficult for you to compete in the web market on the basis of cost. 

    Now if you wish to get high reliability on a long-term basis and future business opportunities while boosting your revenue, you can infer how reseller hosting serves as the ideal choice for you. 

    What Makes Wisesolution Web Hosting  Better Than Others?

    What Makes Wisesolution Web Hosting  Better Than Others?

    While looking for the parent host company that can provide you the reseller hosting packages, you need to ensure that the company renders ultimate reliability, power, and high-rated support for your business. Otherwise, you will not be able to provide the guarantee for high-quality web hosting services to your end customers. 

    Wise Solution is one such web hosting company that can be your top pick. It is one of the top-notch and stand-alone organizations worldwide. The company intends to maintain as well as raise the standards of hyper-scale and intense reseller hosting facilities. Your web business will acquire the support of enterprise-grade hardware and seamless network connectivity. Further, your business website will get the capability to deliver optimal performance and an excellent end-user experience. Check out below the privileges you will get with the Wise Solution reseller hosting services  – 

    • Free SSL certificate
    • Malware scan and protection
    • 100% SSD storage
    • 100% White-labeled system
    • 24/7/365 Technical and customer support
    • 99.99% Uptime network assurance


    The biggest advantage you will acquire with the Wise Solution hosting company is cost-effectiveness. The company renders the reseller hosting packages at the cheapest rates possible to make its clients obtain huge profits and high business efficiency. Check out the company’s official website right away and gather further details about its reseller hosting packages that are available Linux, Windows as well as Whmcs –

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