Thinking of How to Handle a Hot-Headed Kitty? We Have a Few Tips for You!


Cat parents owning more than one feline know-how fur babies get into tussles during playtime. Unfortunately, these kitties can get into tussles with their pet parents and others too. Cat attacks on humans range from negligible to critical scratching and/or biting. Though these scratches and bites don’t lead to a fatal situation, they still cause significant pain to the victim. The sufferer may even contract an infection.

Generally, cat aggression can be tackled if the cat parent pays some attention to this behavior and then does something about it. If the reason for the aggression is an underlying health issue like osteoarthritis, hyperthyroidism, dental complaints, or central nervous system disorders, then your kitty may require medical help. You don’t have to worry much about your pet cat’s medical expenses with pet health insurance cover during this crucial time.

Having cheap pet insurance is always helpful as we never know how life changes in a few moments. A healthy kitty today may have to deal with an unexpected accident or a sudden illness tomorrow. Therefore, it will significantly help if the cat parents are prepared with an insurance policy to manage unforeseen expenditures.

How to Know if Your Cat is Aggressive?

Check for these signs in your kitty that alert you about a warlike state that will crop up. Cats have a distinct body language when they want to express hostility.

For example:

  • Kitty gets all silent and remains on high alert. It adopts a combination of stealthy moves, including hunting, pouncing, and chasing postures, to send out a clear message to others, warning them not to mess with it.
  • Kitty gets busy fluttering, meowing, and tail swatting excessively.
  • Kitty sends out admonishing signals by arching its back and pinning its ears back. Though it doesn’t attack already, it’s a sure shot of caution to the rest of the players.

Why Do Cats Get Aggressive?

When many cats are raised together at an early age, they learn to live playfully and peacefully with hardly any controversies. However, if you have only a single kitty, then as a cat parent, you may need to take on your cat’s frustrations and aggression more often.

Know that:

  • Small things like getting a new object, hearing loud noises, a new pet in the neighbour’s home, and several other things trigger aggressive behaviour.
  • Kitty may be too sensitive. Sometimes, before you even understand an attack on you is in the pipeline, the kitty would have already got its teeth in your skin or is scratching you. Watch your hands and legs; if you are standing they are the most vulnerable spots.
  • Smaller kittens, shy/fearful felines, senior cats, infants, younger children and cat owners are often easy targets for a hand-raised kitty. Ensure your kitty is trained well to avert long-term issues.

How to Stop an Aggressive Cat?

Take your kitty to the vet for a health checkup to check whether it has been suffering from any condition lately that may contribute to aggressive behaviour. If your vet rules out suspected medical conditions, you may move on to educate your kitty so it gets over the aggression outbursts during play.

Cats aren’t as friendly as dogs. It takes quite some time for them to learn to mellow. It would help if you were patient to accomplish this end goal. You can include some of these techniques so your kitty knows to be part of a vigorous play without attacking:

  • Bell your kitty so other kittens or cats can escape as they hear your kitty arriving.
  • Take control of a situation by using a water gun to disperse the feline crowd when things get out of hand.
  • Use a harness or a leash on your kitty when taking it outside, so it wouldn’t be able to move unless you approve of it.
  • Play highly interactive games to burn out pent-up energy.

With all the taming efforts, you need to have pet health insurance to back up your kitty’s health. Purchase cheap pet insurance to manage the medical expenses if it gets hurt in a brawl or falls ill afterward. Pet insurance policies cover accidental care, so choose a plan that is apt for your zestful kitty. Read more articles at mindsetterz.

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