How to buy living room furniture which is kids friendly?


Your living room is the most important and prominent part of the house that always needs your attention. As a matter of fact, people want to make it equally interesting for their kids also. However, they believe that they will have to sacrifice the design of the living room if they buy furniture which is kid- friendly. Here are some interesting ideas that you may like:

Go with dark colours:

Furniture in dark colour is best for children. The furniture which is darker in colour is usually very easy to clean and it tends to hide lots of grime due to the darkness.  The furniture as well as rugs and carpets should be darker in colour so that they complement each other. When you opt for dark colour upholstery, you remove extra stress from your life that you may feel when your kids is eating, playing or doing anything in the living room

Cover the couches up:

Some people never cover sofas until their child grows up. However, this is not a good decision. You can choose a convenient and rather affordable method to cover the furniture if you choose slipcovers. There are many colours and sizes in which slipcovers can be bought. Using them can significantly help you prevent the damage that your couch will have to endure due to the spills.

Although slipovers can prevent lots of problems, you must ensure that regardless of the covering you use, the coach should be efficient and suitable for kids in their playing age and look for couch set.

Use low profile furniture:

While you purchase the furniture for your living room, consider your children. Kids find the low profile furniture friendlier for them and more welcoming. When The sofa, table and other items are low in height, kids find it easier to reach it and remain safe even if they fall from it. The furniture which is low to the ground also enables children to play independently

This furniture does not ruin the look of your room also because low profile set of furniture is trendy and can be seen in modern houses

Invest in extra seating:

Some people are so obsessed with cleanliness that they don’t want their kids to ruin their couches and sofas even if they have covered them. For such people, the best idea is to invest in extra seating. The extra seating should be specially designed for children which is low to the ground and also looks cute. So, when you watch a movie or do anything in the living room, have your kids sit with you on small couches and enjoy their time. This will prevent you from having to buy furniture which is low in height.

Choose minimalism over everything:

The lesser you stuff your living room, the more convenient it is for you to keep the mess at bay. Use minimum amount of furniture by using multipurpose storage opportunities and several other trick

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