How to create attorney and lawyer websites that have a good design and functionality?


We ask this question to our friends at Aleph Website. They are a NY-based Web Design Agency that focuses on solving real-time web problems for attorneys and lawyers, as well as small business owners.

Their response to our questions are:

How to create an attorney website that looks good?

A good attorney website must be consistent throughout. Here are some notable facets of a good attorney website:

  • Website branding is consistent (colors,font, images, mood and elements match the brand identity)
  • Simple and nice effects in transitions and interactions 
  • Hero Section (above the fold) depicts your customer persona (or the lawyer at work) and has a powerful call to action
  • Local SEO optimization is implemented to increase organic ranking
  • Use a Lead Generation and nurture marketing tools (such as Hubspot)
  • Primary menu (basic info) and Secondary menu (specific law practices you provide as services) are available and easily accessible.
  • Simple User interface designed to convert visitors into leads within 3 clicks.
  • A User experience that mimics the experience in real life communications with your clients (comfort, assurance, security, elegance, sophistication, confidence) 

To see the top 10 attorney websites visit the following page:

Top 10 Best Attorney Websites in 2021

What makes an attorney website look bad? How to avoid bad attorney website design?

Oftentimes attorneys and law firms think of website marketing just as a burdening task that they must do. They don’t think in terms of how I can use this channel to increase the number of clients I have. Most lawyers are still in the mindset “word of mouth is everything.”

This, however, is changing quickly. People are choosing lawyers with a strong and reputable online presence over those who are known and live of a former fame. 

New generations, millennials and Gen Z, feel distrust towards the whole industry and choose always to go with lawyers that have a strong website and lots of online reviews.

Some notable mistakes attorney websites have are:

  • Using a cheap washed out wordpress template that many others are using
  • Poor design created just for the sake of having a website
  • No SEO done at all and pages are not well organized for search engines – to rank for the right term based on the services the lawyer provides.
  • Treating the website as if it was a notebook – adding hundreds of sentences
  • Poor quality images
  • Small font – too small to read
  • Not responsive to mobile experience

Here are some example of how an attorney website should not look:

Bad Attorney Websites (Brace Yourself)

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