How to deal with neighbor complaints about your vacation rental


It can be frustrating to deal with people who are not happy that you are renting out your property. Tired of dealing with neighbor complaints a][ m bout your property? There are ways to handle neighbor complaints when they arise.

If there are any issues that arise with the property or its occupants, having a plan in place will help keep everyone calm and happy. If you want to seamlessly manage other aspects of your vacation rental property such as accounts and bookings, this free vacation rental property management software can help.

Additionally, it’s important that you mend a good relationship with your neighbors. They can help you succeed in your vacation rental business. By keeping an eye on your property, they will provide crucial information regarding the property, such as when the guests break the rules or anything illegal going on.

Here are some tips on how you can deal with your neighbors when they complain about your vacation rental business:

1. Be polite

Even when you are frustrated with your neighbor’s complaints about your rental, it is important to remain calm. Keep in mind that your neighbors don’t know all the details of what is going on with your home or why you are renting it out. Nor do they need to.

Your level of hospitality will play a big role in how much trust and rapport you build with them or else you may find yourself dealing with complaints more often than not. Say “Hello!” every time they pass by. Invite them over for coffee, beer or dinner so they can get their questions answered and feel at ease around your guests if there are any issues that come up

2. Maintain the exterior

You should try to keep an eye on the exterior of the property so you can keep it looking good. This includes making repairs to anything that needs attention, such as broken windows or swinging doors in the garage. There is nothing worse than having your guests complain about how bad the outside of your home looks or not being able to get into your garage because there are several suitcases piled up outside blocking its door.

3. Communicate any issues affecting them

Issues like your Airbnb guests partying at night until 2 am will affect their lives more than yours if they’re next door. Make sure you communicate with them what’s happening and when it will stop happening. If you can’t get in touch with them right away, leave a message explaining what is happening and when the issue will be resolved. It is important to be proactive with your communication because the sooner you let them know, the quicker they can adjust and make any necessary changes around your property.

4. Be a good neighbor

If you want to keep your neighbors happy then do things that a good neighbor would do for other people in their community or neighborhood such as paying for street cleaning if it’s not already done through the county, shoveling sidewalks during wintertime etc. The more helpful you are towards others in your town, the happier they will be about having your vacation rental business nearby.


Vacation rentals are becoming more popular than ever before. However, not everyone is happy with the added noise and traffic that often accompanies these properties. To avoid issues with neighbors of your vacation rental, handle them using the tips discussed above. To manage your property in a more profitable way, utilize vacation rental property management software. It will help you manage all of your reservations in one place as you increase your revenues.

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