How To Heal After Major Surgery


If you’re getting ready to have surgery, you’re probably trying to get all of your ducks in a row. You want to get everything done ahead of time because you know that you won’t be able to after, but you aren’t really sure what life will look like. Your doctor likely went over what to expect after surgery, but don’t worry if you still have questions. Here are some things to be mindful of when you get home. 

Manage Your Pain

Pain management can be one of the hardest things to keep under control after surgery. You don’t necessarily want to load up on medicine, but you also don’t want to be in constant pain. One thing to remember with pain management St Augustine FL after your surgery is that your pain medication will help keep the pain manageable, but it’s not going to remove it altogether. Many people overdose on their pain medication because they think it’s not working if they still have a little bit of pain. Your goal is to get the pain to a level that isn’t overwhelming. 

It’s also important to remember that you should never miss a dose of medicine or delay taking the pain meds. Medicine doesn’t start working the second it hits your system, so you need to allow time for it to kick in. The longer you wait to take your medicine, the harder it will be to control your pain. 

Don’t Pick Anything Up

After your surgery, you’ll likely be instructed not to lift anything over 5 to 10 pounds. You might feel great and not think it’s a big deal, but your incision might say otherwise. It’s also imperative to remember that just because your incision has healed, it doesn’t mean that the inside of your body has. Picking up heavy items adds strain to multiple parts of your body and can cause more problems. 

Get Moving

It might seem counterintuitive to move around after surgery, but getting moving is vital to your healing process. You’ll most likely start walking while in the hospital, and you want to ensure that you keep it up when you get home. Don’t think that you have to go on long walks right after surgery. Even just a couple of laps every hour around your home will be enough to make a massive difference in how your body heals. 

When you have surgery, your intestines, bowels, and urinary functions slow down. Walking can help get them back to normal. Additionally, walking helps your lungs and breathing functions and aids in getting oxygen moving throughout your body. 

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