How to Improve English  Grammar Skills: Tips For Students 

How to Improve English  Grammar Skills: Tips For Students 
How to Improve English  Grammar Skills: Tips For Students 

To use any language for communication, we have to use a set of certain patterns and rules. These rules are known as the grammar of a language. If we talk about the English language, the patterns that we have to use for speaking and writing are known as English grammar. To join the words into meaningful sentences and information for the conversation we need good grammar knowledge.

 It is a subject that can not be learned in a single day and therefore it is taught to the students as an academic subject so that they can effectively communicate and transmit information in the English language. For good academic performance and success in future jobs, the correct usage of grammar is important for the students. Let us discuss the ways by which they can improve their English grammar skills. 

Improve Grammar Skills: Tips For Students. 

1. Use a grammar book 

Books serve the best purpose of helping students understand academic subjects better. Using reference books, manuals, and guides for improving grammar is beneficial for the students. The special books and guides will help students to understand the various grammar topics from basic to advanced ones. After understanding the topics, students can also solve the various exercises printed in the books. Students can issue the books from the libraries or can buy a few from the nearby stationery,  book depots. Also, learners can use any suitable education app to access a variety of ebooks and learn grammar sheets. Also by using grammar manuals, students will be able to read a variety of examples based on each concept. 

2. Focus on speech and topics 

The English language is full of words such as verbs, pronouns, articles, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verb forms, punctuation, synonyms, antonyms, etc which are used to make sentences of a language. To effectively make sentences for oral and written communication, students need to learn parts of grammar, speech, and topics. The main ones are 

  • Nouns – the name of a person, place, animal, and thing comprises nouns. It is further divided into countable nouns, uncountable nouns, common nouns, collective nouns, etc. All students must focus on this portion. 
  • Tenses – to differentiate between present, past, and future, knowledge, and understanding of verb forms are very important. Several tenses are taught to the students, for example, present, present continuous, present perfect, simple past, past perfect, future, future continuous, etc. 
  • Articles – A, an and the are the articles used for defining the nouns. 
  • Pronouns – used for replacing the nouns. For example, he, she, they, we, you, him, her, us are some of the pronouns. There are a few types as well which are relative pronouns, personal and possessive pronouns. 

3. Use apps 

With the growing technology, several applications are available to make our work easy and quick. Many times, students don’t understand well by simply reading from the textbooks and listening to the vocal explanations from the teachers. In this regard, apps can help a lot. Today everyone owns a smartphone, and with the facility of online teaching through mobile, students can access grammar learning applications to improve their skills and knowledge of this subject. In this regard, students can do the following

  • Select any application as per your choice and use it for understanding grammar topics. 
  • Use modules, presentations, and online study material for better comprehension of information. 
  • For good grammar skills, vocabulary knowledge is also important. With the help of online teaching through mobile, students can learn new English words anywhere and at any time. 

4. Practice more 

Students should focus on practicing more and more exercises and question types to improve their grammar skills. There are several resources available for practicing both online and offline. Students can use online teaching sites and apps to solve grammar worksheets, online quizzes, and a variety of comprehension passages. Also, students can make notes of the important grammar topics and shall revise them from time to time. Solve mock papers, aptitude tests, and last year’s papers to see what type of grammar exercises are asked in the exams.

Why are good grammar skills important? 

Clear written communication: for accuracy in written communication, good grammar skills are very important for students. For the exchange of information between speaker and receiver, a written process of communication is effectively used. To frame the right answers in academic exams, and avoid silly mistakes, errors, students need to know main grammar speeches as verbs, verb forms, punctuations, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, articles, active and passive voice, etc. 

Effective vocal communication: to vocally communicate and converse with one another grammar knowledge is important. Grammatical mistakes and errors while speaking can affect the quality of the message delivered. For example, if a student wants to talk about something that happened in the past, he or she needs the proper knowledge of the past tense of the verbs. Wrong grammar usage makes it difficult for others to understand. Hence learners must focus on their grammar skills. 

Helpful for clearing competitive exams: competitive exams include a proper section of English questions. It includes comprehension passages and other questions which need a deep understanding of grammar speeches. If students want to clear their dream competitive exams, they should focus on learning grammar skills. Students should use the online education app to practice all the latest grammar exercises and worksheets. 

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Students often struggle in academics because of poor grammar knowledge and usage. The wrong sentence formation and grammar mistakes make students lose marks. But to prevent all this, the above-mentioned techniques are of great help. We all know that for effective oral and written communication, good grammar skills are important. By following the tips such as regular practicing, using grammar guides, online apps, and focusing on the main parts of the grammar speech, students will be able to improve their English grammar knowledge. 


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