How to Improve Male Fertility?


Fertility is one of the biggest issues in young men and women these days. Many people are dealing with infertility as the modern way of living is not suitable for most bodies. The sedentary lifestyle, poor lifestyle choices, junk food habits, and other bad habits such as smoking and drinking can cause the body to become infertile easily by not producing enough or good quality reproductive hormones. 

This can cause complications when a couple tries to conceive. Male infertility treatment is now being done in many clinics and hospitals that focus on fertility treatments and assisted conception. 

These treatments vary in their degree of invasiveness and can be easily done without privacy invasions. Expert doctors and consultants are involved to help solve these issues so that patients can become naturally fertile or move on to trying assisted conception techniques. 

What Causes Male Infertility?

Male infertility is the inability of a male partner to help in the conception process. Male infertility is either caused because of the lack of good quality sperms in the semen or the inability of the sperms to aid in the process. This is called sperm quality and sperm potency. 

In some other cases, the reproductive organs of the male genitalia could have some minor issues which pose a challenge in the reproductive process such as Erectile Dysfunction, Varicocele, Retrograde Ejaculation, Duct Obstructions, etc. 

Some inherent problems such as deficiencies, infection, or a history of major accidents or surgery can also prevent patients from leading a normal reproductive course of life and lead to male infertility. These issues can be easily corrected but with the right diagnosis and treatment methodology. 

Medication, surgery, and therapy are the three most important ways that doctors help in correcting most of the infertility issues in men. In most cases, the issues can be corrected and fertility can be revived. 

Those who are unable to do so can move on to other techniques such as assisted conception through IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) or IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation). These techniques have been proven to be largely successful for those who face infertility issues as a couple and help them have babies successfully.

Improving Male Fertility

Male fertility can be improved in the event of no major complications by following some of the easier tips and tricks shared by experts. Those who have hormonal or other medical issues must be diagnosed and seek treatment with Male Infertility Treatments but for others with no major complication, some of the below tips can help boost male fertility:

  • Good Diet

A good diet with high amounts of fiber, protein, and good cholesterol can help in boosting male sperm. Avoiding high amounts of sugar, salt, spice, and grease can help in cleansing the body and keeping it healthy.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle with controlled stress levels is very important as stress triggers the hormonal imbalance in the body and raises body heat which can hamper the production of good sperms.

  • Supplements

There are many good supplements in the market that contain vitamin derivatives and minerals for the healthy production of sperms in the body.

  • Quitting Bad habits

Quitting smoking, alcohol, and any other usage of recreational drugs, even caffeine for that matter, can significantly improve the quality of sperms in infertile men

  • Regular Exercise

Exercise helps in keeping the body in the optimum weight range, helps in detoxing the body, and produces good levels of reproductive hormones that boost fertility in men. 

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