How to Save Energy In Your Company’s Break Room


The breakroom is an important space in a workplace. A breakroom offers employees a common area to interact. According to the stats, a break room can consume a lot of energy. This can drastically affect your company’s revenues. That’s why you should adopt cost-saving measures in the break room. Here are practical ways break rooms can save energy costs.

Purchase Energy Star Rated Appliances

Do you have appliances such as refrigerators or dishwashers inside your break room? Well, it’s always imperative to consider investing in energy-efficient appliances. There are numerous brands that are designed to consume less power and less water. Plus, you should consider incorporating energy-saving practices into your daily routine.

Do Away with That Water Cooler

Instead of utilizing a water cooler, opt for a fridge. As compared to tap water, bottled water is generally more expensive. Thus, if you want to minimize your daily expenses, consider investing in an affordable fridge.

 Switch Off All Appliances

Turn off your appliances. Did you know that electrical appliances suck power even when they aren’t running? Installing a power strip in your break room will make it easier for you to power down all appliances on the circuit. Besides, if you have additional equipment like a coffee maker, a microwave, or a toaster, this is an incredible way to reduce phantom energy drain when they aren’t in use.

Bring In Sensor-Controlled Lights

Switch to sensor-activated lights. Take advantage of natural light. Windows can offer robust lighting during the day. Encourage your employees to position their desks where there’s direct sunlight. This can be extremely helpful during the day.

For further savings, consider installing an automated lighting system. This will ensure that lights are automatically switched off when they aren’t in use.

Don’t Use a Fridge

If possible, encourage your employees to carry their own drinks. Alternatively, consider purchasing cold drinks directly from the vending machines. Making such small changes could help you save substantial amounts of money on your energy costs. Even more, utilizing reusable drink containers can go a long way in protecting the environment.

Adopting these energy-saving practices can help you save money without touching important benefits. With simple steps, you could save a lot of cash on heating and cooling. So, be sure to educate your employees about the importance of embracing energy-saving practices. Encourage them to switch off the lights after use. Enlighten them about the benefits of using natural light. Tell them how to solve business gas. And let them know how beneficial it is to keep the environment safe by utilizing reusable drink containers. Doing this will ensure that you’re running a profitable business.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let high energy costs in the break room drain your company’s revenues. Of course, a break room is important. However, you shouldn’t let high energy bills from the break room reduce your company’s profit. Employ the above cost-saving measures and make the break room energy efficient.

Alex Walker
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