How To Save Water in The Garden


In the past decades, taking care of the water has become an important deal worldwide. We know that water is a finite resource that we must use intelligently to avoid wasting it. However, not wasting water can seem like a problem while watering your outdoors. But there are some changes that you can do to your watering routine to know that you’re using water efficiently. 

You can use these tips for watering your lawn, trees, and flowers. Keep reading and discover some simple ways to save water in the garden. For sure, you’ll be able to apply some of them to protect this natural resource. 

1. Use rainwater

If you live in a country with a large rain season, then you must take advantage of it. Besides your garden not needing further watering when it rains, you can start saving rainwater to use during the dry season. You can install a rainwater harvesting system on your house roof. If you don’t want to spend money on that, you can save it on large buckets that can be covered up and store them in a dry place. 

That way, when rain season ends, you’ll be able to water your garden with the rainwater. That would be a simple way to save freshwater for other purposes. 

2. Mulch & flowerbeds

Using mulch or flowerbeds to cover the soil would be an outstanding way to save water. You can place them on the base of shrubs and trees, and they will prevent moisture from evaporating. That way, you will be able to allow more time between irrigations; hence, you’ll be saving precious water. 

Besides being a good ally to retain moisture, flowerbeds also look beautiful. So, you’ll be killing two birds from one shot. 

3. Say no to sprinklers

Yes, sprinklers can be a good way to water your garden if you don’t have enough time to do it yourself; nevertheless, they waste tons of litres of water. Also, there are other watering system methods, like seep hoses, which will water your outdoors more efficiently. Seep hoses will deliver water directly to your plant’s roots, avoiding the water from evaporating before it gets to the roots. 

If you still require sprinklers, then try to purchase smart ones. Smart watering systems are commonly connected to the internet to get information on the weather forecast and realise if watering would be needed or not. 

4. Use native plants

Native plants are those that grow naturally in any particular region. That means they’re used to the soil, weather, and support wildlife. They will be able to survive to dry seasons without problem, and commonly, additional watering won’t be required often. Besides being a good choice to support the ecosystem, they will require little maintenance. So, you’ll be saving money too.

So the next time you want to purchase new plants for your garden, think about this option. They will attract wildlife too, which would be amazing if you are fond of nature. 

Don’t forget about improving your soil

Along with everything that we have said, checking and improving your soil to save water is also important. If your soil has a weak structure, the plants won’t be able to soak enough water because it will drain quickly, or the soil won’t retain enough moisture. What you can do is add organic matter at least twice a year to improve the soil’s structure. Another option is to use water-retentive granules that will soak in the water keeping the soil moisturised for a longer period. 

Now you know the best watering tips for maintaining your lawn without wasting water. Your garden will look as beautiful as usual, but you’ll also be saving one of the most important natural resources.

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