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When looking for a job, you will find that the internet has made things a whole lot easier. However, before you start sending out your resume and cover letter to online job postings, you must speak with an employment agency specializing in your industry. Here are some tips on how to select the best employment agency for your needs:

Look At the Staff

One of the best ways to get a good idea about any company’s character is by speaking with its employees. Many agencies put their staff through rigorous training to be more knowledgeable in today’s labor market. They must have a large network of qualified employees eagerly searching for new employees at all times. If you don’t feel welcomed when speaking with them, it will be a good idea to move on and find another agency.

Be Honest About Your Skills and Experience

Employment agencies want to know about your skills and experience to match you with the best potential employer looking for someone just like you. Any lie that you tell them when speaking with them will come out in the future when they notice discrepancies between what they expected from you and what you deliver. This can result in your termination or worse – no future job offers at all!

Be Prepared to Answer Questions

Many employment agencies these days utilize resume tracking software that allows them to determine if people are applying for jobs outside of their agency during the same period as you applied through them. If this happens, expect to answer some questions to find out if you are looking for a job elsewhere. If you are sure that this is not the case, explain why you have sent your resume through their agency.

Be Prepared for A Long Process

One of the best ways to be successful at landing a great position with an awesome salary is by being patient. The usual process takes several months before they can even start submitting resumes on your behalf. After that, many companies take another month to interview candidates – leaving only one month for them to hire someone or pass on applicants. Keep your chin up and look for other opportunities while busy finding the best fit for the company.

Find Out What You Will Be Paid

This is one of the most important things to find out early on. Any employment agency that does not ask for your salary requirements or expectations has very little information about the qualifications you bring to the table. They will take their chances with an employer by submitting resumes blindly without knowing how much money they can offer, leaving both parties unhappy at the end of the day. When speaking with them, remember that both parties will sign an employment agreement, so there is no reason why they should withhold any other information from you.

Make Sure That You Have Room to Negotiate

A good way to ensure that you are paid what you deserve is by negotiating your compensation package immediately after accepting the position – not once an annual review comes around! Most employment agencies will make their money when you sign the contract, so they won’t necessarily be your best ally in getting more money from an employer.

It is never too early to begin the search for an agency. The living wage or salary that one receives is important, but other factors such as job satisfaction and work-life balance are. There are many employment agencies with varying standards of service and expertise, so it’s vital to choose an agency with care.

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