Brilliant Ideas to Include in Photo Booth Rental


In the past, the term photo booth was used to describe a box on which people took photos. As technologies developed; the idea of the photo booth changed and advanced. The simple photo booth became a photo booth rental that has different themes, props, and ideas to enjoy the event. 

Brilliant Ideas Added in a Photo Booth Rental

As discussed in the previous paragraph that the photo booth has now become more enjoyable and amusing. The companies providing photo booths can incorporate different brilliant ideas to make them more entertaining and exciting. The photo booths have now become an important part of different events like engagements, weddings, birthday parties, and educational ceremonies.

Customized Photo Frame

Frames are an excellent thing to add to the photo booth. Some people prefer to have their pictures photoshopped and cropped into frames and other tools. Adding frames to the photo booths will let the guests see how they look in the frame before the actual photo is clicked.

Background Made of Blackboard

If you are having multiple events like in an educational institute; then having a large blackboard will be a great idea. In this way, you can mention the event and some of the details on the blackboard. Also, the students, teachers, faculty members, and guests can write memories and take photos to remember the occasion.

Photos Creating GIFs

GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is a modern technology that is being used even by businesses. So, you can ask the photo booth company to have a booth that is exclusively taking pictures that can be converted into GIFs. GIFs are the best if you want a collection of three or four photos in one frame.

Nature Inspired Backdrops

You find many interesting themes for your venue backdrop. Having themes inspired by nature at weddings is becoming a new trend. Several individuals like to have a secret garden during their engagement or wedding ceremony. So, you can have a backdrop that is inspired by the secret garden.

Life-Size Cutouts

If your ceremony has a Hollywood theme, then it is best to have life-size cutouts of celebrities in the background of the photo booth. But these cutouts can also be of the host of the party; so that the guests can have a photo when the host is busy with otter things.

Heads Cutouts Backgrounds

This background is more fun for kids as you can have cartoon characters and superheroes in the environment with their heads cutouts. But this is one background option that the adults will also enjoy. So, when you are renting a photo booth from businesses, including Nashville Photo Booth, you have to inform them of the background you want.

Innovative Glam Booth 

As the saying goes, old is gold; people like to have their photos in the black and white theme of the 1920s and 1930s. Another innovative technology that is becoming famous is the Glambot camera. In this technology, the camera moves at high-speed, but the result is super slow motion. 

Theme Based on Specific Countries

In this era of Coronavirus, people are bound to have events in their homes. The couples who want to have a destination wedding at different places can’t have them. But with the theme is based on specific eras like Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Mediterranean, South Asian, and even Middle Eastern; people can have pictures of these countries and still be at home.

180 and 360 Degree Rotation Booth

It is not the booth that rotates but the camera installed. The camera is fitted around a podium and the person stands on it, and the camera takes a video either rotating 180 or complete 360 degrees. The clients can also request GIFs of the footage taken.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

When hiring a photo booth rental, it is essential to ask if they provide a magic mirror photo booth. A magic mirror is a device that enables the guests to see what type of picture they are taking and also make adjustments before they click the photo.

When you have these ideas mentioned above in your event, then it will become a memorable event for you and your guests. Below are a few questions that enhance your understanding of a photo booth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a photo booth look better?

You can add several props, accessories, frames, and background themes to your photo booth to enhance the experience at your event. The accessories can be selected according to the theme of the event.

Is a photo booth worth it?

Besides taking excellent photos, these booths ring people together and increase socialization, create a memorable event, and enhance the self-confidence of many shy people.

How much does a mirror photo booth cost?

It is a good idea to hire companies that provide mirror photo booths; instead of buying them on your own as it will be expensive. The magic mirror comes with a package of custom photo booth services.

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