In Which City do Overseas Pakistani Should Invest

Which City do Overseas Pakistani Should Invest

The Pakistani government places a high value on overseas Pakistanis and is committed to fostering, nurturing, and maintaining a mutually beneficial and symbiotic connection between Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis. Foreign exchange remittances are not the only way Pakistanis living abroad may help. Their contribution to image building, knowledge transfer, and investment growth is significant and requires persistent efforts. Pakistanis living abroad can produce tangible results. With an active privatization push, massive infrastructure-related investment projects, particularly under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, growth in local consumption, and mostly untapped export potential, Pakistan now offers significant investment prospects. Pakistan’s capital investment is entering a prolonged and successful era, thanks to a substantial diaspora of highly qualified Pakistani executives and a large pool of domestic talent. Domestic and international investors have yet to realize Pakistan’s growth and return possibilities. Get the idea from the Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi.


In Pakistan, Karachi is the center of marketable and economic movement. It is the world’s 12th most populous city. It also has many projects, whether commercial, residential, or corporate. It also has a lot of high-rise structures. The city’s cultural and ethnic variety can also be seen. Scheme 33, DHA Defence Housing Authority, and Gulistan e Johar are all situated in this business center. These ventures are moving at a breakneck pace. There are numerous appealing features for residents. In Karachi, several projects provide a return on investment (ROI). DHA is regarded as one of Karachi’s safest housing zones. Gulistan e Johar is also one of the city’s major investment locations, as it is rapidly rising near Jinnah International Airport. It allows you to live a decent and eminent lifestyle on a budget.

You learn about the Nova City.


Lahore is recognized as Pakistan’s beating heart, both for its people and bustling metropolis. The allure and allure of Lahore’s real estate sector will never fade away. DHA Defence Housing Authority, Bahria Town Lahore, and Lahore Raiwind Road Lahore are all part of it. Defence Housing Authority and Bahria Town’s community system transform Pakistan’s living standards. They offer a luxurious lifestyle and all of the necessary amenities in one location. They’re also becoming bigger with each passing day. In 2021, the Defence Housing Society Phases 6, 7, 8, and 9 are the greatest investment possibilities.

Similarly, Bahria Town is a game-changer in Pakistan’s real estate business. They supplied everything, from load shedding to free electricity and comfortable living conditions. Furthermore, they provide excellent educational and medical services to their people. Raiwind Road is also a good place to put your money in real estate. It is a relatively quiet place, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. This area’s real estate market is reasonably priced. They are budget-friendly and very cost-effective.


It is the world’s second most beautiful capital. Because Islamabad is Pakistan’s capital, there are numerous chances to take advantage of. For those who live in the city, it will be advantageous. It is possible to have high-end facilities in Islamabad. There are numerous well-known developments in the real estate market, such as DHA (Defense Housing Authority), Bahria Town, Gulberg, and others. Projects like DHA and Bahria Town can be found all over Pakistan, but they are significant. In the realm of modern real estate, this lovely and developed city ranks quite high. This is a land rich with possibilities, dependability, and accomplishments. This city presents fine and great opportunities to investors in recent times, as the population is steadily growing. Even in the next years, it will be one of the best places to invest in real estate. The following elements can be used to assess Islamabad’s investment potential.

  • The most enticing financial and renting situation
  • The average cost of a home
  • The economics of the area
  • Construction is now underway.
  • Number of sales in the area


So, what are your thoughts now? Choose the most suitable land from the options listed above. You will see how things will turn out to be good and useful in the future. With the best housing projects, you will get the best. I am very certain that if you invest in these cities, your investment will be safe, profitable, and promising in every aspect. These will almost definitely increase in value many times over the next 5 to 10 years, providing you with excellent resale chances at any moment.

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