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Overall ethnic diversity can be divided into two major groups: Western races. and eastern ethnicities Then in each group, there are different ethnic minorities. According to many localities, in the present day, the world without borders More cross-racial mix began to have hybrids to genuine blood but from different regions, such as Chinese who grew up in America, or even Americans who grew up in Asia, etc. In modern times, the diversity of ethnicities is almost innumerable.

The world today is a world without borders. Doing business also crosses borders all the time. Many products are marketed all over the world. And people all over the world are all the same consumers. Having people of different nationalities come together to work together to create diverse opinions. understand different cultures and different marketing A globally standardized product or service can have the advantage of having people of different nationalities work together and share their knowledge and experiences to the benefit of their work. Make the organization have more variety of information. understand different perspectives more And can take advantage and the ability of each person in a variety of ways as well.

Cultural diversity and inclusion training is often followed by racially diverse organizations. But how is the same people? same ethnicity They are culturally diverse as well. which benefits may be similar to the nature of racial diversity But cultural diversity is more subtle.

Another benefit of having multicultural people together is the practice of cross-cultural learning. And it will help build mutual respect even better. as well as enhancing the unity of work better by working together with people from different cultures that they are familiar with

Age Diversity

Age diversity appears to be the underlying diversity behind sex. Age-diverse organizations have a wide range of perspectives, from the youngest to the more experienced in life and work. which will always have a different point of view And organizations can also make the best use of the best.

Age also reflects behavior. as well as meticulous detail Including work experience as well However, each age has different qualities that are good for working as well. The younger generation may have the advantage of being tech-savvy. Know how to use it to benefit from work more than older people. While older people may have children to lure children to crash. as well as a variety of working strategies to understand consumers better And there is a corner to solve problems that look around and understand more clearly. However, if people of different ages come together to work well together. Bring the advantages of each age to take advantage of the work. Organizations will also be the most successful.

The fact that the organization is diversified by age also allows the transfer of work to be better for the organization in the long run. And a variety of experiences are useful to the organization and management. until the appropriate marketing in each era and target group as well

Institute Diversity

Many organizations tend to select employees from the same institution to build networks and unity. Sometimes it may be good to have employees with similar traits and ties. But sometimes this leads to a lack of diversity in concepts and methods of work. Each institute has different teaching and learning methods, including cultivating different students. The fact that we have personnel from many institutions gives us a wide variety of knowledge to share. as well as methods of thinking, concepts, and opinions that come from different backgrounds That inevitably creates a variety of perspectives and opinions.

Having similar people to work and to come from the same institution sometimes has a psychological effect that causes hypersexuality. or refraining from expressing opinions to avoid conflicts within the institutional group. as well as to encourage opinions in the same direction for a group which may not be effective as well Having different opinions and perspectives is more beneficial to work.

Skills Diversity and Professional Skills

Large corporations with many different departments and departments will have a wide variety of professions and different working skills. Each profession is based on different knowledge and opinions. Therefore, large corporations have a variety of ideas. comment how to handle as well as different abilities This will benefit the organization to be fully mobile with a variety of tasks.

Interest Diversity

People’s interests are already different. But sometimes, similar interest groups arise. This interest may not be related to vocational or academic skills, but rather to personal interests. Interest is a hobby or interests of personal preference Having people with diverse interests come together. would cause a variety of ideas comments as well as a variety of stories that occur. This variety can be useful for work as well. Or sometimes it can help to solve problems if the personnel’s interests are in the same area as the problem, for example, marketing to football enthusiasts. If working people have a passion for football as well will have knowledge. A lot about this sport and better understand consumer behavior It will help to do better marketing than responsible people who do not like football at all, for example.

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