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Providing your pet with quality food and meeting their hygiene needs are essentials of good care. But supplements are also a vital aspect of raising a happy and healthy dog. These products provide your dog with extra nutrients and let them live long, healthy lives by your side. And if you want the best for your furry buddy, you’ve probably already learned about CBD for dogs and its variety of benefits.

Learn below why supplement matters:

CBD products are a great thing to give your pet as a supplement or adjunct to therapy. You can find them in most well-supplied pet shops, and many vets gladly suggest them. But if you need more details to convince you, many interesting facts about pet hemp goods are available.

Safe and Natural Compound

CBD is found in plants, and that’s a real inspiration to people who take it for their pets. Due to its natural origin and unique extraction method (CO2 or ethanol), its oil contains no artificial matter, chemicals, or pollutants. Reputable manufacturers prove that with detailed lab reports on the quality of their hemp goods.

You may be concerned that CBD is often associated with cannabis or THC. While certain relationships exist, cannabidiol has no effect like any psychoactive substance. Even scientists have proven that this compound is safe for animal consumption because it’s not mind-altering.

Not the Same as Hemp Oil

The hemp used by pet brands is a strain grown for industrial production with a minimum or no THC content. CBD oil (obtained from hemp buds) doesn’t have psychoactive properties, but it’s rich in therapeutic cannabinoids. So, it has its role in medicine, but it can also be used in nutrition.

Hemp oil is also safe because it also has no mind-allergenic effect. It’s obtained from hemp seeds. But unlike CBD, this oil is intended primarily for nutrition due to the large proportion of good fats (essential fatty acids). It has a minimal amount of cannabinoids, so it lacks healing effects.

So beware, as some manufacturers might label their hempseed products as CBD ones and sell them as beneficial to your pup’s health. These products won’t harm dogs, but they aren’t therapeutic. So always check the lab report and certificate of analysis to find out the amount of cannabidiol in the product.

Help with Various Conditions

It is already known that CBD is a potent antioxidant. It helps in reducing the damage caused by free radicals in the dog’s body. This compound also controls the immune response to different threads, thus preventing inflammation that can escalate to severe diseases. So, it helps protect the body from conditions like arthritis and cancer. Signs that indicate your pet is sick are listed on this source.

One of the other benefits of CBD is that it helps in enhancing the brain functions of dogs. It provides proper brain development and preserves the mental health of your pet. When it comes to depression and anxiety, this natural compound helps to provide relief, calmness, and enough energy for your pet to overcome these unpleasant conditions.

Glaucoma in dogs is also treated with CBD oil. If neglected, this issue can cause complete blindness. And without eyesight, dogs will live much differently than they used to. That can make them sad, depressed, and irritable. CBD eases the pain by relaxing the eye pressure and reducing the frequency of symptoms that can irritate your pet (tingling or itch).

When it comes to epilepsy, cannabidiol helps to prevent it from progressing. When taken in small doses, it can lessen the frequency of seizures. Moreover, it can even prevent them from happening. As for skin disorders, CBD can treat pain, redness, and irritation on the spot. It also helps to remove toxins from the dog’s body when exposed to them.

Dosage Requirements

While it is true that CBD is effective in preventing some diseases from recurring or showing up, it should not be mistaken for a magical cure. There are still conventional drugs that should be priorities. CBD is only an adjunct that can enhance the action of these medications.

It is always safe to consult a vet when it comes to using any supplements. When it comes to CBD dosage, it depends on the dog’s age, health condition, and weight. Some dogs may have to take smaller doses, while others may need higher amounts. Suppose your pup has a history of adverse or allergic reactions to cannabidiol (luckily, that’s a rare case). In that case, you shouldn’t use these products again until your vet tells otherwise.

Different Products for Different Uses

Cannabidiol is mainly used in dogs in the form of oils or tinctures. But, various edibles and topicals are becoming more and more common, which you can apply in different situations. All products contain specific amounts of CBD for dogs that should be indicated on the label. Any of these can bring much-needed comfort to your pup.

But while an active ingredient from some products acts immediately, others take time. Keep that in mind to know when to use which product. For example, in anxious dogs, an active ingredient from treats won’t work immediately. But pouring a few drops of oil under the dog’s tongue provides almost instant relief.

These are just some of the interesting facts about CBD for dogs that you should know. Before you decide on giving it to your dog, you should dig in for some knowledge on this hemp derivative. That, and the purchase of quality hemp goods can provide your pup with a healthy and happy life.

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