interesting things in backwaters in Alleppey


15 interesting things in backwaters in Alleppey

A paradise for tourists is surrounded by nature. Kerala is not a marvel at the eyes because she is known as God’s own country. Kerala boasts Alleppey itself as a tourist for many reasons. For several reasons. In Alleppey, there are many interesting things to do. This area is extremely popular for its natural beauty, the most important tourist attraction in Alleppey, Kerala, which has been imparted with its backwaters. Click here to find more information.

The back-water and houseboats that have heavily overlooked all other important attractions in this southern town have pulled many of the tourists to this place. Although the category of tourists traveling to Kerala must be, this place has several other striking shades as well. This picturesque and humble city awaits the eyes of true nature lovers who cherish and see forever the quietness of this place.

Alleppey things to do

Here is a list of fun activities for people planning an enjoyable holiday, such as backwater cruises, houseboats, trekking, wellness center, and others.

1.Experience your houseboat stay!

Home boat and backwater areas sisters of the soul. The beauty of staying with a giant, an experience itself, can not be missed. Staying in the Alleppey waters will complete your holiday. The houseboats are wonderfully built and you get a lot to do on these houseboats. You can stay, cook, have the night on the boat’s balcony, and enjoy a fantastic time. This must be in your Alleppey checklist!

2. Explore your side of religion

If you’re a believer or lover of building architecture and religious places, then the St. Marys Forane Church in Champakulam is to visit places in Alleppey. It is one of India’s oldest churches. Also, the Temple of Ambalapuzha is a must in the region. It’s called Lord Krishna’s house. South India is known for its flawless architecture and tourists can witness displays of the most beautiful murals during the famous Ambalapuzha Temple Festival. The specialty is the Ambalapuzha Palpayasam that is a sweet milk porridge and those who like a palate can expect it. In this church, you can also discover your religious side.

3. Go to Alleppey Night Walking and Campfire

Night on the Alleppey roads is just a blowing thought. Your night will be amazing with peace and the sound of backwaters. You can spend the night walking with family and friends and have a lot of fun. You can even chit chat in peaceful surroundings and enjoy the evening with a campfire. Alleppey is regarded as one of Kerala’s most beautiful destinations, without which you are not fully bound for your trip to Southern India.

4.Soak up and rejuvenate through the Ayurvedic Spa and Massage of Alleppey.

Tired urban people and souls can enjoy Ayurvedic Mass. There is no introduction to Ayurveda in Alleppey nor to the resorts that the spa offers. Ayurvedic therapies for rare and chronic diseases are promising in many resorts. Massages and Spas will help to rejuvenate your life and skin, which also ensure ultimate rejuvenation and relaxation. The spa massage begins with 1000 rupees and reaches 5000 rupees and more. You can enjoy quality Spa and Ayurvedic massages in Alleppey using their essential aromatic oils made in Kerala.

5. Enjoy the wonderful food in Alleppey with your senses.

You have to dig into traditional food in one of the locals if you are a great food. Various options are available, ranging from vegetarian to non-vegetarian. One thing you’d find interesting is that the food is served on the banana sheets as usual. The cuisine would add not much spice as the word goes to your taste buds. You can also choose the frying banana chips that are among the favorites from traditional fish curry made from coconut, Vada, or chickpea curry. In Alleppey, there are many good restaurants to meet your taste buds.

6.See beautiful Alleppey sunset- A treat for nature lovers.

The eyes can’t be treated better than to watch the sun go down and go up. Set your alarm and head to Pozhiyoram if you like to witness something great. It’s a lovely beach that’s not well known for water sports. It promises more space to relax and for the rest of the night, you can watch the sun say goodbye. From this small beach, you can see the river joining the river. For passionate photographers, you can take fantastic pictures as a boat or two are standing on the beach or floating in the vicinity with the sunset on the background. This should certainly be in your places in Alleppey!

7.Excursion to Alleppey Beaches and fun activities

Your holidays are not finished unless you have set the shades and relax on Alleppey Beach. Nothing can match the sand shaded by huge and lovely palm trees that are well-known for the country. You can reach the waters and swim nicely, or play your fellow water volleyball. For everyone in Alleppey, there are fun activities and adventurous things to do. Alleppey is the best place for people who look for a calm time, have a look at these shades and a book or listen to soothing music, and enjoy the view and the calm of the waters!

8. Improve your knowledge of the Revi Karunakaran Museum crystal collection.

The Revikarunakaran Museum, which has collected articles from the ReviKarunakaran family, has a great deal of history if you like art and an avid enthusiast of the old collection. He was a lover of art and made an extra time collection. Many rare and old works of art can be found there. The most sought after collections of Swarovski’s crystal, wall art, crystal wares, antiquity furnishings, Tanjore porcelain paintings, ivory paintings and many more are available in this museum. More than 3000 objects collected are said to be places in the museum and to be known.

9. Snake Boat Race is suitable for lovers of adventure

Every second Sunday in August a traditional boat race is held in Alleppey, during the famous Onam festival. The boats of the Snake are long and have room for 20-50 persons pulling their ruggedness. It’s a treat to the eyes, and while you might not, you still can experience a rush of adrenaline. It’s a very fun tradition, and many international tourist flocks witness the race of the snakes in the waters, or of course the snake boats. This is the most exciting experience for tourists, as things like this do not happen elsewhere in the world.

10. Take your DSLR and go birding or adventure watching

For bird-lovers or photo enthusiasts, this activity is best. You just have to take your DSLR and watch the birds in Alleppey, which is a house for the finest and most rare migratory birds in India. Billed, Black Drongo, Waterhen, Jungle Myna, and Asian Palm Swift would be fit and willing to take a stand for your camera, whenever possible. You can also take Canoe in the lovely backwaters, and explore your adventurous side along with photography passion. The tour of birds and canoes is numerous and can be combined with adventurous sports packages.

11. Alleppey luxury houses

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From reasonable houseboats to luxurious houseboats, various houseboats and stays in Alleppey take place. You can do a lot in luxury houseboats, such as watching beautiful sceneries, by spending two days on blue backwaters and starting your tour at around 11:30 am from the Alleppey Jetty. The Pallathuruthy River and Pukaitha River can be taken on a boat cruise to Champakulam. At Champakulam Chundan, you’ll find a church, temple, a popular snake ship, and more.

12. Each monsoon in Alleppey Nehru Boat Race

Boat racing is an essential part of Kerala’s tradition and culture. It’s a yearly race that gives the audience great excitement. One of India’s most valued boat races is the Nehru Trophy Boat Race. This boat race began in 1952 and attracts people from remote parts of the world at the entertainment event. The huge boat cruise via the waters of Alleppey will be a very important experience! On this day that usually takes place on the second Saturday of August, you will see folk dance and music performances. The boat race takes place in Kerala in Alappuzha, at the Punnamda Lake. Millions come here to see this incredible event

13. Experience Kuttanad village life

This is just wow for nature lovers and photography lovers. The life of the village of South India in Kuttanad may remain and be captured. The area covers waterways, cultivation of ducks, paddy fields, fisheries, cocoon lines, and paddy fields. It is commonly referred to as a country’s rice bowl. It is the lowest point in the country and you can explore agriculture 4-10 feet under sea level to your surprise. This place is declared an agricultural heritage system globally important. Rural and rustic life takes you from contemporary developing India to different parts of the world. You can enjoy wondrous canals and waterways, coconut farms, and the farming system. You can interact with locals, discover local cuisines, and try them.

14. Explore the waters and see the lighthouse sunsets!

This is all about visiting this beautiful historical stretch of beaches and enjoying sunsets from Alappuzha’s lighthouse in Alleppey. It has the most exhilarating views for photographers, a quaint and pretty left lighthouse. This beach has marine products, 137-year-old docks that extend to the sea. This beach has chairs. In a peaceful environment and boat races, you can go for archaeological exploration. This is the best spot for the weekend for people living in the surrounding area.

15. Go to the popular markets of Alleppey for shopping!

This is the best place for shoppers. Don’t even think that you are leaving Alleppey without spending some time purchasing unusual South Indian jewels, small drinks, artifacts, and typical Alleppey crafts. In Alleppey at the cheapest price, you can find wonderful spices in the smallest shops. One of the most pleasant items in this region is maritime items. These items are available on the market of Alappuzha Zakariya.

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