Investing in Prime Locations in Bangalore


Bangalore, the name itself carries so many emotions and memories and unmistakable images in our minds of gleaming malls, high-end skyscrapers, plush IT offices, and Wall Street Style Professionals strutting around the city. Bangalore is a land of opportunities and is becoming one of the biggest hubs in India for jobs and businesses. 

The number of business startups in Bangalore is just as high as the employment opportunity here making it the biggest investment option for those who are looking to settle down. Luxury apartments in north Bangalore, East, and West Bangalore are getting sold out fast because of the incredible demand for real estate in the city. 

More and more people are becoming extremely interested in buying and trading real estate in the city because of its huge potential and the future market value that this city brings to the table. Real estate is a competitive space and Bangalore is one of the toughest markets out there for someone looking to find the right property to invest in. 

Bangalore and Its Real Estate Market

Ever since Bangalore saw a rise in the IT Industry, the related ITeS, and other infrastructure industries, there was a lot to speak for the city. The sudden boom of IT came in the early 2000s and the market exploded with offshoring contracts and projects in association with many countries. 

This increased the demand for smart IT professionals and support staff and therefore helped establish the BPO kingdom that once ruled the job market. More and more young men and women started to flock to the city and the city just never looked back even today, there are more young people in Bangalore with good and prestigious jobs than anywhere else in India. 

Even with the eventual downfall of BPO and the slow withdrawal of the IT arena, the city continued to grow with multiple other industries such as Hospitality, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Healthcare, and Marketing. This gave the city a cutting edge over everything else as people continued to find good jobs and the market thrived, making more people trust in the city and grow along with it. 

The Real Estate industry has seen one of the sharpest growth curves when it comes to Bangalore and shows huge potential even as we speak, 20 years from the beginning of the boom. The city has transformed and has been split into 5 major constituencies so that investment options can be carefully evaluated and spread across. 

The Best Locations to Invest in Bangalore

Central and South Bangalore were once the most preferred areas to invest in with lots of prime locations such as Whitefield, Indiranagar, KR Market, Marathahalli, Electronic City, Koramangala, JP Nagar, MG Road, Cubbon Road, etc. But these places are currently out of options and mostly very crowded with more and more settlements and less and less space. 

The next most ideal place to invest in Bangalore is surely towards the north opening into the more expansive and futuristic prime locations such as Hebbal, Thanisandra, Devanahalli, Yelahanka, Sahakara Nagar, etc. 

These promising areas have more space, have more upcoming projects, and are well connected to the city but with ample privacy and away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Bangalore. More and more realtors are investing in North Bangalore with prospects showing better market value for midsize and luxury apartments in the north part of Bangalore, making it an ideal destination for real estate investment. 

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