Is Investing in Toronto Real Estate Worth It?


Is Investing in Toronto Real Estate Worth It?

If you are wondering if investing in Toronto real estate is worth it for the year 2021-2022, we tell you why, how to do it, and the best investment available.

When it comes to investing in Toronto real estate investing, you can either resort to it or oppose it. There are critics who like to hang on to the headlines that predict that the real bubble of Toronto buildings will surely explode. On the other hand, you have real estate investors and everyday Toronto homeowners who have made incredible financial gain as a result of choosing to buy property when shopping.

Toronto is a world-class dynamic city, joining the likes of NYC, San Francisco, and London. It may look too good not to be true but the Toronto real estate market is designed to keep its momentum. So if you were wondering, is investing in real Toronto estate worth it? The answer is yes. And we are here to tell you why and how to do it.

Why Should I Invest in Toronto Real Estate?

Is Real Estate the best investment?

Is Condo a good investment in Toronto?

Are Pre-Construction Condos a Good investment?

How to Invest in Toronto Real Estate

The Importance of a Good Condo Investment Plan

The Best Condos in Toronto


The Benefits of Equity Really Exist When You Buy an Investment Property in Toronto

Investing in Toronto buildings, when done wisely, can yield significant results. Since 2015, prices in 416 (Toronto Proper) have risen 52% according to TREB data. To put that in perspective, if you bought a condo in 2015 for $ 400,000, you would have made over $ 200,000 (or $ 50,000 a year) by living there. This high equity benefit when investing in Toronto real estate is one of the reasons why Toronto is one of the best places in Canada to invest in real estate.

And that’s just the average price of Toronto. When you have a good plan for investing in a condo, you can make a better profit, faster. Some of my real estate investors have already earned between 13% and 27% in their 2018 investments. Check out the return of some of my clients here.

Stable & Growing Demand for Property Rental

Investing in Toronto real estate is still very profitable and with the people of Toronto increasing, the need for employment remains stable. Covid may have had its time and reduced the demand for employment but that was temporary and we have already moved up. As college students return to school and immigrants are expected to reach record-breaking levels, we expect a steady but growing demand for property. Both migration and educational opportunities bring a host of eligible residents to the city.

In 2019, the Huffington Post published that Toronto is the fastest growing city in the US and Canada with an increase of 77,435 new citizens between July 2017 and July 2018. By 2021 Canada aims to accommodate 401,000 new immigrants, already reaching more than 70,000 in the first quarter alone. and plans to bind the immigration records set in 1913.

With major developments such as East Harbor and our growing technology sector, with several high-tech companies opting to establish a store in Toronto (Google, Uber, Pinterest, and Microsoft to name a few), the demand for available employment will continue to rise.

Pair that with the highest record rental rates in Toronto – single bedrooms now rent for about $ 2,225 a month – and it’s easy to see how your employer can help you pay your mortgage.

It is also noteworthy that the Ford government has removed rent controls from new units, including pre-built condoms, which were leased for the first time. You can read more about rent control amendments here.

Strong Canadian Borrowing Practices Keep You Safe

Buying an investment site in Canada is a safe investment because of the many guidelines they have put in place, including the Stress Test in early 2018 which was upgraded to a high-pressure test in June 2021. . Believe it or not, Canada has an extremely low crime rate. As of 2021, it was 0.25% – the lowest rate reported in 5 years. Canadians can be lent on the mortgage, but the average Canadian loan remains low. Canadians will do anything to ensure that they do not miss out on those payments.


When it comes to investing your hard-earned money, is investing in Toronto real estate better than investing in the stock market? The short answer is yes – if you can afford it.

The Toronto housing market has repeatedly been shown to produce much more stable and more stable growth than the stock market. Ask yourself, how much has your traditional investment made you in the last ten years compared to your home?

If you are buying a property in Toronto you are investing in real estate – real estate, not corporate shares that can take a break due to a serious PR problem. It is also a long-term investment; so even if the market takes a small drop, it will continue to rise in the long run.

If you go into all of this, investing in Toronto real estate has the potential to earn ten times the value of traditional stocks and bonds because when you invest in real estate, you are using your money to become the largest asset.

For example, if you buy $ 30,000 in stock and the market increases by 10%, you make $ 3,000.

However, if you put $ 30,000 down in the $ 300,000 area and the market increases by 10%, you make $ 30,000.

Investing in real estate is a low-risk, high recurring investment. Since your profits are made up of the full value of the asset, your dollar will go a long way.

For a detailed breakdown read Pierre’s Take on Stock VS Real Estate


When it comes to investing in real Toronto estate, the condo market is by far the largest

With Toronto’s average 10-year historical growth rate of 5% a year and the most recent years averaging over 10% a year, investing in the Toronto condo market in 2021 means you’ll get in at today’s rates. Toronto’s international profile is joining the likes of major cities like New York City and San Francisco but with property values still far below their markets. While we may think our condo prices or Toronto real estate listings are high, they’ve still got a long way to climb before they reach the prices of these other major cities.


Wondering what to do before investing in a pre-construction condo, or really investing in any wealth, time? You need to find a good investment strategy together first. You need to talk to the right professional, real estate agent, real estate agent, and your accountant.

Investing in Toronto real estate is not the same size as all other strategies. Having an experienced investor who understands the investment process is a great way to make sure you make wise investment decisions. They will be able to provide you with a guide on how to maximize your return and equity beyond expectations.

Their advice and guidelines on building your portfolio will depend on what you have and will largely depend on market texts. They should be keenly looking for magazines and market opportunities that suit your needs and your individual strengths. It’s not about buying one thing, it’s about buying the right thing.

New Real Estate Investor

When you start, you should build your investment portfolio at a pace that suits your strengths. Not everyone will be able to buy one or more of the $ 500,000 site right away, however, the goal remains the same: set up a channel that will help you build equity and accumulate wealth.

Or buying a condo for a studio worth $ 350,000 is what your budget will allow, it is a great way to get your money started working for you and will put you on track to be able to pay big bucks in the future.

Home Owner

If you already own a property and wonder if you will sell or use your equity, do you need to decide if re-investing from the sale will make you more money than holding that property?

Just remember that investing in Toronto wealth is a long-term investment program. With a strong equity gain and the employer repaying your loan, it will not take long for your investment to make the equation.


The tips on buying the best condo to build before buying in Toronto are relevant, as our response will always vary depending on your goals, budget, and different circumstances. So we have written a detailed article covering the different types of pre-construction condoms that you may want to buy.

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