Is it Worth Stitching Energy Providers When Moving?


Yes, it is worth switching energy providers to find a better deal, flexible tariff, and to opt for green energy. Plus, it’s free of cost.

When you move to a new location, you have to move everything. Especially if you are moving to a distant place, you have to consider switching electricity, gas, and other utilities. Well, that consumes a lot of your energy. But, many people ask if it is worth changing energy providers. To answer that, yes, it is worth switching suppliers. 

In addition to the moving reason, there are several reasons to switch to a new energy supplier. The primary reason for switching is when you realize that your current plan is not suitable for your budget. Furthermore, most Australians strive to get the best deal on everything. 

Let’s look at a few more reasons to change energy providers when moving to a new house. Here are five of them: 

  1. To find a better deal
  2. To find a flexible energy plan
  3. To avoid the risk of overpaying
  4. To go for green energy
  5. Because it’s free!

To find a better deal:

With over 30 energy retailers in Australia, how sure can you be that your provider is offering you the best rate? One of the best reasons to switch energy providers is to save money on your power bills when moving house. So, it is always better to compare electricity plans for better deals. Pricing is often competitive in the market since there are many suppliers. In addition to energy rates, which can fluctuate, look for various discounts.

To find a flexible energy plan:

Lock-in contracts aren’t for everyone. It’s worth shopping around if you are looking for a plan that offers flexibility in changing account details or early termination. This feature is specifically handy for tenants or people who move a lot. Moreover, some deals allow you to lock in your energy rates for a specific period.

Some people find it convenient to have their billing cycle line up with their rent cycle. That is why moving out is a great way to find and seal the most flexible deal for you.

To avoid the risk of overpaying:

If you constantly feel that you are overpaying your current electricity supplier, this might be the best time to switch. Honestly, many suppliers offer the most flexible deals in your new location. So, keep looking for energy plans that can save you a good amount at the end of the year. In addition, your new supplier may offer considerable discounts for being new customers. 

To go for green energy:

If you are conscious of your surroundings, you might be looking for green energy. In that case, look for suppliers who pay regard to your values. As the electricity grid works, no retailers can deliver 100% green energy to your home. But, some providers on the market have a far higher Green Energy Ranking than others. A retailer without an on-site power plant or a provider that offers discounts to solar consumers might qualify.

Because it’s free

Last but not least – there is nothing to lose. Using several comparison services, you can compare your options and find the best deal with no charges at all. Moreover, it is completely free to compare electricity plans among Australia’s leading energy providers. Plus, companies like cheap bills can make the switch easier for you.

Wrapping it up:

While moving out is stressful, it comes with many great opportunities. It gives you the chance to switch to better and more reliable energy providers. Keep in mind that it is worth taking this step for several notable reasons. For starters, you can find a better price and flexible tariff. In addition, it saves you from overpaying your current electricity provider. Most importantly, comparing your options is entirely free. So, do not miss the chance of finding better providers.

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