Is Prostatitis cured with medicine?


These days, prostatitis has become a common problem affecting men in huge numbers across the globe. This condition generally causes inflammation in the prostate gland. As a part of the human body gets inflamed, it turns sore and red. Several symptoms are experienced in this particular condition like urgency to urinate, increased urinating frequency and facing difficulties while urinating. Besides this, you could suffer from lower back pain, groin pain and fever. Also, the urge to have sex gets reduced significantly. Some patients are even noticed to not get even an erection, thus making married life more miserable. 

About the Prostate Gland

This gland type is located right below the urinary bladder. It is located just before the anus and covers the urethra part. The urethra basically is a tube responsible to transfer urine from the body. To check the prostate gland, it will be essential to consult a certified doctor immediately. 

This gland is known to produce a specific type of fluid whose function is to nourish the sperm. Most of this liquid is said to comprise ejaculation fluid. Researchers are putting their best efforts to identify the functionalities associated with the prostate gland. More information can be gained from the portal!

Know the causes for developing prostatitis condition

Depending on the causes, several categories exist in prostatitis. But as the prostate gets infected, you are likely to suffer from acute prostatitis and chronic bacterial prostatitis. Taking another scenario, in case your pelvis or bladder fails to function properly, then chances are you are suffering from prostatitis condition. 


There are devised different types of treatments depending on the cause of this particular health conduit. The doctor will carry out rectal examination as well as recommend urine sample tests. This will help identify the potential causes. The treatment plan might also involve taking prescribed antibiotics. A few of them include norfloxacin, ofloxacin, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, doxycycline and ciprofloxacin.

These tablets are to be taken for a few weeks or even months as suggested by the doctor, based on your prevailing condition. If the condition is severe, then hospitalization may be necessary. 


There are times, when sexually transmitted organisms such as Chlamydia might cause prostatitis development. However, most cases reported are due to infection. Hence, engaging in sexual intercourse will not transmit such infections to the partner’s body. 

In case you have experienced prostatitis before, chances are you are likely to get affected with it again sometime in the future. If these bacteria are present even in small amounts, then it might encourage development of this condition. Moreover, the condition may resurface once again if you stop taking the prescribed medications. In such cases, antibiotics will have to be taken for a longer duration. 

Treatment plan

Prostatitis cure is very much possible with medicine. Patients, in most cases are not recommended to undergo surgery. There are also available alternative treatment methods. But this based on the severity of your condition. 

Visiting the best clinic in the region experienced in treating patients suffering from prostatitis conditions will enable you to get well quickly.

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