Is Your Outdoor AC Unit Leaking Water?


It’s common to get worried upon seeing your outdoor AC unit leaking water. Although it’s something not to cause panic, calling an air conditioning service Sacramento company can be a wise move.

AC units leaking water outside is considered normal. A small proportion of water under the outdoor AC unit doesn’t call for an emergency or indicate an issue. However, you should know that leaks beneath the AC condenser unit can be a sign of a problem that could require urgent attention from experts.

In this blog, you will know how much water leakage is normal for your outdoor AC unit. We will also explore the reasons behind the abnormal leakage of water through the AC condenser unit. But before we begin, let’s first know when does water leaking becomes a problem. 

How do we know how much water dripping from the outdoor AC unit is normal and what should be considered as a sign of concern? 

While your AC is functioning or operating, the outdoor unit will drip water in small quantities and dries out in a day or two through condensation. It’s also normal if you see a puddle of water dripping from a drainpipe outside. 

This happens when the temperature is too hot or humid outdoors. Hot and humid temperature makes your AC work hard to provide you with effective cooling, with a regular amount of water produced, you should expect the water to evaporate quickly. 

However, if there’s water accumulation, this should serve as a sign to contact an AC and heating repair Sacramento service provider. 

How much water should you expect from the outdoor AC unit?

There are two factors involved when it comes to anticipating the water quantity on the outdoor AC unit.

Outdoor temperature 

The cooler temperature outside can lead to excessive condensation since the coils can get frozen in this case. 

Thermostat setting  

When your thermostat is set lower than normal, you’ll see more water dripping from your AC unit.

Given these conditions, it’s expected for an AC to leak water. However, if the puddle of water is getting bigger and doesn’t dry up quickly under a normal operation, this should indicate a problem. 

If  water drip persists for a long time under the outdoor AC unit, it’s also a sign of a problem.  In this case, you will need assistance from a good AC and heating repair service.  

Why does my AC condenser unit leak water outside?

An AC unit works to remove heat from your house. Heat and moisture from your house move to the cooled indoor coil and exchange happens where the cool air is sent to the home through ducts and the hot air is sent outside. 

You will receive the cooling temperature according to the thermostat setting you have applied. Now, the air with moisture in it liquefies on the coil and starts to leak, making its way to the condensate pan. The water then goes outside through the drainpipe of the outdoor AC unit. 

Using an air conditioning unit requires maintenance and inspection from time to time. Regular upkeep can help identify problems that might not have been addressed by the homeowner due to limited knowledge about how an AC works. 

Delays in troubleshooting can lead to worsening of AC problems and expensive charges from heating and water heater repair Sacramento technicians. But with regular maintenance, you can avoid unplanned repairs, improve AC performance, extend the unit’s lifespan, and save on energy.

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