Israel and Palestine Conflicts


With the ongoing conflict, Israel launched airstrikes on targets in Gaza. They later artillery bombardments that killed more than twenty Palestinians and destroyed residential buildings among other things such as tunnels or rocket launchers for Hamas who are currently fighting against them along with other militants from Al-Nusra Front responsible for launching rockets into Israeli territory causing injury but no deaths so far according to their victims’ accounts though one woman had her home reduced down into rubble when it happened just last week!

Background of Conflicts

The conflict between Israel and Palestine dates back to the end of 19th century. In 1947, U N General Assembly adopted Resolution 181 (Partition Plan) which proposed dividing Britain’s mandate over Palestine into an Arab state on one side with Jerusalem as capital city; another Jewish area in Southern parts called “Galilee” along lower Jordan River banks plus some territory near sea closest towards Egypt before it curves northwards again at Sharon Bay – this was later changed following warring negatively affected both sides’ rights so now there are 4 small states instead 3 including Venice.

This region has been facing increasing tension for years. The lack of progress, or any mention at all from both sides led to an outbreak in 1967 that would become known as the Six Day War- where Israel fought against Egypt (with help from Jordan), Syria and Saudia Arabia after Nasser’s surprise attack on Israeli troops near Sinai Peninsula resulting him being aggressor rather then defender during this war which took place mostly within its borders before expanding beyond them when conquering Gaza Strip two months later.

After Israel’s victory in the Yom Kippur War, Egypt and Syria negotiated over previously ceded territory. The 1979 Arab-Israeli war saw six years of hard fought battles that left both sides depleted but with an understanding needed for peace between them; this cease fire would not hold though as soon as next year when another conflict broke out–more intense than before yet still only lasting two days until it too ended prematurely due to negotiations happening right away after start date! This time around 80 Centuries ago during what’s known today allover world. Finally, in 1979, following a series of cease-fires and peace negotiations, representatives from Egypt and Israel signed the Camp David Accords, a peace treaty that ended the thirty-year conflict between Egypt and Israel.

The first intifada, or popular uprising against Israeli rule in 1987 was met with harsh consequences. In response to this violent demonstrations thousand more Palestinians were pushed into UN camps where they live under BFOSS (border force operation status) until today’s eruption of violence two decades later which led once again back into these same confined areas while negotiations continue on how best can be resolved.

The second Palestinian uprising began in 2000 after Israelis occupied the West Bank and refused to give it back. This sparked a stagnating peace process, former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visiting an Arab holy site that Muslims consider theirs as well making matters worse for them—all this led up too launching attacks on Israeli soldiers with knives or rocks which would last until 2005 when barriers were built by Israel around some parts of its territory so no more protests could take place there without being overcome by security forces beforehand.

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