What is Corrugated Packaging?


Corrugated packaging is the type of custom packaging bags used by retailers for shipping and storage purposes. Packaging companies customize custom packaging bags as per the retailer’s demand. You can add incredible designs, snazzy fonts, and catchy taglines to attract the customers’ attention and stand out in the market. When it comes to corrugated packaging, it is the most common type of packing used by companies for shipping and selling purposes. These boxes are universal. But what is corrugated packaging? And why do most retailers prefer corrugated wrapping? So, brace up as we are about to answer your questions.

What is Corrugated Packaging?

Corrugated packaging is the best custom box that is durable and profitable, made up of two or more two corrugated sheets. It has two primary ingredients, i-e medium and linear. Both these ingredients are made up of heavy paper, known as containerboard. When it comes to medium, it is the paper formed on the archways on the single facer and is glued between the linear board facings. And the linear board is a material typically used on the outer surfaces of the board and sometimes inside for the structures that cling to the medium.

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History of Corrugated Packaging Industry:

Corrugated packaging industry started a century ago to fulfill the shipping and storage needs. The history of the corrugated packaging industry takes us back to 1856. The corrugated paper was passed through a hand-cranked machine using two fluted rollers, making fluted paper lining used in hats. However, corrugated packaging and corrugated paper for hats are two different things. Albert S. Jones invented this mixture of packaging and was the first one who used corrugated wrapping to wrap the vulnerable products. And then 1865, Allen and Healy acquired the patent for corrugated papers.

Types of Corrugated Boxes:

In the discussion of what is corrugated boxes, let’s explore the different types of corrugated custom shipping boxes.

  • Single-Walled Corrugated:

One of the significant types of corrugated boxes is single-walled custom shipping boxes. These boxes are usually used for shipping purposes.

  • Single Phase Corrugated:

This custom shipping boxes consist of one or two sheets of linear board and a single flute. They are sold in rolls and wrapped around the products since it protects from damage.

  • Double Walled Corrugated:

They have two layers and are used for vulnerable items that need extra protection.

  • Triple Walled Corrugated:

It is the best custom shipping box with three medium and four layers of the linear board. They are used for sensitive items as they have the highest durability.

Benefits of Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated packaging boxes are known as the best custom boxes. Enlisted below are some benefits of corrugated boxes.

  • Provides Protection:

Corrugated boxes protect products. Usually, they are made up of three layers that safeguard the item during shipping and transportation. Such custom packaging bags ensure that the goods safely reach the consumer’s doorstep.

  • Customization:

Corrugated wrapping boxes are the best shipping boxes that protect the items, and retailers can customize them as per their wishes. They can add spectacular designs, striking fonts, engaging slogans to attract customers’ attention. Moreover, through corrugated custom boxes, one can create their brand identity.

  • Elevates Client’s Experience:

You can satisfy your clients through such custom packaging boxes for small businesses, enhancing their experience. It creates a positive buzz for your brand, and your one-time buyer is modified into the regular client as they know that they can get the same high-quality product from other retailers but not such striking packaging.

  • Profitable Investment:

Corrugated boxes, along with all the benefits, are cost-effective and profitable. Through this, you can take your business towards new heights, and their ability to recycle and re-use makes them a cost-effective investment.

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