Knowing Your Options For Kitchen Heating


Keeping your home warm isn’t an easy task, and there are so many options to consider. One room

that is often overlooked when it comes to heating is the kitchen. Most likely, people assume that

they don’t need heating for it as the oven alone can warm it up. But this is actually far from the

truth! Kitchens need heating just as much as your other rooms, so it’s crucial that you have the right

type for you. Whether you want a new radiator or something a little fancier, keeping your kitchen

well heated is essential. So, here are the types of heating you can use in your kitchen. Keep reading

to find out more…

Underfloor Heating

If you want something a little different to your usual type of heating, then underfloor heating could

be just the thing for you. Kitchens tend to have lots of appliances and not much wall space, so

keeping the heating out of the way is important. With underfloor heating, you’ll be able to have a lot

more space and heat the room evenly. Some radiators aren’t able to heat a large room easily, as the

warmth has too far to travel. But with underfloor heating, you’ll feel the warmth beneath your feet

immediately and the heat will rise, filling the entire room. Underfloor heating also prevents cold

spots in a room, so you’ll have the perfect toasty kitchen all year long. This type of heating can either

be plumbed into your central heating and run off water, or it can be electrical instead. Most people

tend to go for the “wet” type of underfloor heating, as although the installation is a little longer, it

can be a lot cheaper to run.


If you’ve got enough room for a decent radiator, then they could be a great option for your kitchen.

Radiators are extremely quick at heating up and can also add a stylistic addition to the room.

Nowadays, you aren’t limited to plain white ones. Instead, you’re able to choose from a whole range

of interesting designer ones in all sorts of unique colours and shapes. This can make them an

excellent choice for those who are trying to give their kitchen a stylised finish. You might want to

take a look at vertical radiators too, as they take up less valuable kitchen space, and heat rooms a lot

more evenly.

Plinth Heating

With modern heating technology, you aren’t limited to just radiators and underfloor heating. In fact,

you can try out the latest models of plinth heating which are easily installed into pre-existing plinths.

Like underfloor heating, these heaters can be connected to your central heating or your electric,

with central heating being cheaper to run again. When it comes to installation, plinth heating is

thought to be quite cheap as well, and the don’t take up any of your space. It’s worth noting that

they do make a little noise as the heaters blow warm air out. It’s not super loud, but it’s good to

know as if you don’t like any background noise, then they might not be for you.

Skirting Heating

If you want something truly innovative and discreet, then you need to consider skirting heating. This

clever heating system is fitted behind your skirting boards to create an invisible heating source. You

can choose to plumb it into your central heating or connect it to your electric, and even match the

colour of it to your existing units. The type of heat the produce is different to others as they emit

infra-red heat and easily heats a whole kitchen up in minutes. Skirting heating is extremely space-

saving and helps you to have more room for what you need.

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