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Laravel Collection is a web framework that helps in making custom applications. It can be the best choice to handle routing, authentication, and templating HTML. Laravel is server-side as it runs on PHP and focuses on managing heavy data manipulation.  

What is the Laravel Collection?

It is a valuable feature of the framework. Laravel Collection works as a PHP array, but it is more convenient. The collection is located in the below location:


It allows reducing arrays or creates a chain of methods to map. It is an API wrapper for the array functions on PHP. Not only that, but it also has features other than PHP array processing.

How can we create a collection in Laravel Development?

A Laravel Collection can create an array using the method collect() helper method. It can also be instantiated from the class Illuminate\Support\Collection. Read more on Laravel here.

A simple example using the collect() helper method:

$newCollection = collect ([1,2,3,4,5]);

The helper method is more straightforward and does not need to instantiate any class. 

Why should I choose Laravel development?

Following are the main reasons, why to choose laravel development.


Laravel has over 20 built-in modules and libraries that enhance the performance of your platform. Every module is integrated with a composer dependency manager that eases the updates.

Event and Command Bus

The command bus helps in executing the commands and dispatch events. The commands in the Laravel development platform act as the application’s life cycle.


Laravel uses this feature to connect with an existing session and cache. Redis helps in interacting with the sessions directly.


The platform includes a mail class that helps send mail with rich attachments and content from the web application.

Schema Builder

It maintains the database schema and definitions in PHP code. It keeps track of changes that help during database migrations.

Configuration Management

A web app designed using Laravel will run on different environments, which means constant changes in the configuration. Laravel gives a consistent approach that handles configuration efficiently.


Laravel Collection has features and helpers that help in running various tests on web applications. This also helps to maintain the code based on project requirements.

Query Builders and ORM

Laravel has a query builder that can help in querying databases by using simple chain methods. The Object Relational Mapper and the ActiveRecord implementation is known as Eloquent.

Template Engine

Laravel Development has a Blade Template engine is a lightweight template language. It uses the design of hierarchical blocks and layouts, which are included in the dynamic content.


It provides a flexible approach for the users to define routes in the web apps. Laravel routing helps to increase the scalability and performance of the applications.

What are the Pros and cons of Laravel development?

Pros of Laravel Development are:

●      Customization: It provides various aspects to customize the Laravel app, which fulfills business requirements. It gives a smooth third-party integration.   

●      Authentication and Authorization: It is a secure phase that includes encryption, hashing, and hashing to ensure the user’s data is safe.

●      Mail Service: As a modern Laravel development, it ensures to notify every single event using email service.

●      Fixing technical Vulnerabilities: The platform helps to eliminate the cross-site request forgery and SQL injection to guard the codebase.

●      URL routing configuration: The Laravel framework autoloads the routes that are defined in the PHP file.

●      Presentation and Business logic code: It has a separation of web page appearance and business logic. The Model-View-Controller helps in providing this separation.

●      Libraries: There are over 20 inbuilt libraries that serve different purposes.     

Cons of Laravel Development are:

●      The composer is not as strong as the Ruby gems, pip, and npm

●      There is a lack of continuity between various versions of Laravel.

●      Some upgrades might cause problems. Users need to take necessary actions before upgrading the Laravel framework.

●      The Laravel development is slower when compared to other platforms

●      There are few e-commerce packages available for Laravel, which can limit the developer’s choice.

10 useful Laravel Collection methods are:

  1. Avg(): The avg method helps in returning the average value of the key.
  2. Count(): The count() method helps to returns the total number of items present in the collection
  3. Chunk(): This method helps to split the result into equal parts.
  4. Contains(): It simply checks if the collection includes a specific value or not.
  5. Every(): It splits the collection into different columns. This method will build a new collection that comprises every nth element.
  6. Forget(): This Laravel method is used to eliminate the columns in the Laravel Collection.
  7. Implode(): It is like the PHP array function that helps to join strings.  
  8. Map(): If you plan to extract some values and perform some actions, this method can help you.
  9. Pluck(): This Laravel method allows extracting one column from the database.
  10. GroupBy(): Developers sometimes need group-specific data. This can help you group data at the database level and collection.

Wrapping it up!

In this blog, we have covered the vital aspects of the Laravel Collection. You can still access the Laravel documentation to use the benefits of the Laravel platform. You can reach out to experts to unlock the best functions and features into your web applications. 

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