Learning Tarot: A Complete Tarot Card for Beginners


The most common way to get started with a Tarot starts with choosing a good Tarot deck. This is a good idea. However, buying a deck of a Tarot should only be done according to the perspective of using the Tarot that one wishes to have.

How to Start Well with the Tarot?

Beginning with the Tarot begins above all by understanding your expectations in relation to what you want to do with the Tarot. This approach will then allow us to decide whether we prefer to orient ourselves towards a Tarot de Marseille game or an Anglo-Saxon type (Rider Waite).

Also, starting with the Tarot must also go through the idea that we have the Tarot. This step is essential. There are many who dodges it and then are forced to go back.

Do we Prefer to Develop an Intuitive Reading of the Tarot? 

Do you want to stay in the initiation of the Tarot Reading Classes Online and just discover all the possibilities before going deeper? 

Do we no longer think of using the divinatory Tarot? The Tarot for better self-knowledge?

All his thoughts are important in choosing the right Tarot deck. In short, the one that will really resonate with us and our feelings. Only then can we begin with the Tarot.

What is the Best Course to Start with Tarot?

In the internet environment, Tarot sites, YouTube, there is more information than in a 24 volume encyclopedias on Tarot. How to sort? And, how do you know which information is essential and which may be used later?

Special course “begins with the Tarot”

Learning Tarot

Here is a Tarot for Beginners course in which I suggest you follow 4 steps to start learning the Tarot.  

Often people want to learn the Tarot by engaging in rote learning of the meaning of the cards. But this is unfortunately one of the biggest reasons for abandoning the Tarot. By following the steps below, you make sure you get started with the Tarot simply but effectively.

Step 1: Choosing the Tarot Deck

The first step in learning Tarot is to choose the type of Tarot deck that interests us. Here, before you even buy your Tarot deck, it is a question of determining what you want to do with the Tarot. Divination, self-knowledge, reading for you, for others … I develop this point in the “discovery of the Tarot deck” part. These reflections obviously condition the type of Tarot deck that you will buy but also the orientation of your learning.

Step 2: Menu of the Day

You will begin to familiarize yourself with the Tarot by drawing the card of the day to connect emotionally to your Tarot deck. You will find more details in the article on the first 12 steps allowing you to familiarize yourself with your Tarot deck.

The card of the day is undoubtedly the best exercise that I know when you want to learn Tarot. It is an easy exercise, which allows an intuitive reading of the Tarot. 

You can draw the card of the day with any Tarot deck. All of them adapt very well. I even presented the card of the day drawn with 3 different games including an oracle. These three games shot at the same time every day for a week revealed amazing things to me.

Step 3: Connect to your Intuition

With the exercise of the daily menu, you will develop your intuition gradually and almost without realizing it. You will become more attentive to how you feel.

The Tarot Reading for Beginners is an excellent tool to get in touch with your intuition. Moreover, its advantage is that it works in both directions: The tarot develops intuition and you learn to develop your intuition by using the Tarot.

Many believe that it takes a gift to read the Tarot. In fact, you just have to work on your intuition. Because everyone has them. Do not let yourself be influenced by skeptics who might break you in your momentum of discovering the Tarot before you even start.

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