5 Best Marijuana Strains You Need To Try


The one thing that mesmerizes most Marijuana lovers is its existence in different exciting strains. Each strain is known for its unique functions in the human body and mind.

With multiple Cannabis strains in existence, it’s challenging to pick the genuine ones and leave out the counterfeits. Thanks to informative sources, learning the certified strains has become a walk in the park.

Weed exists in numerous assortments and sub-species. Cultivators and ranchers have for some time been rearing various assortments with specific attributes to make mixtures and explicit strains.

Every pot strain has an alternate convergence of the cannabinoids tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), just as different mixtures.

Makers develop the plants to have a specific look, taste, and impact on the client and brand them as needs be.

Right now, writes about the impacts of various pot strains come prevalently from individuals’ encounters. In spite of the fact that specialists are concentrating on the impacts of an assortment of marijuana strains on a scope of ailments, there is as yet far to go around here.

Continue to peruse to become familiar with pot strains, and which are the most famous.

All strains of marijuana get from the Cannabaceae group of plants. A few specialists consider that Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa are the two principle subspeciesTrusted Source, albeit certain individuals think they are isolated species.

To make a strain, cultivators select an assortment of characteristics to deliver the results they need. This is a comparable interaction to how raisers make specific qualities in canines.

Individuals frequently depict pot strains as being indica, sativa, or cross breed. Mixture alludes to a strain made by joining both indica and sativa strains.

They are distinguished by various factors, including outward appearance and their effects on the body and mind. Here are the five best Marijuana strains you need to try.


Super Silver Haze

This Cannabis strain possesses the genuine ability to uplift one mentally and physically. It has an attractive sticky feeling that makes the user want to hold on to it and never let go.

The Super Silver Haze is a cross of other strains such as Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights. Consuming it causes a long-lasting feeling of energy that rushes through every part of the user’s body. 

It’s a wonderful alternative for anyone battling stress at different levels. Rather than feel the harsh effects of stress, using Super Silver Haze may help one relax and take things easy.

What’s more, it looks into appetite issues and restores them to the required levels. It is a perfect remedy for those suffering from loss of appetite as well as nausea.

Following through the various reviews of strains online is wise since it enables you to gain constructive exposure. For instance, the Tangerine Dream Strain has helped open the eyes of consumers who are willing to go the extra mile for an additional feeling of blissful energy. You can  shop premium collection of Twisted Extracts here at a very nominal rate.

Super Silver Haze may have a unique way of solving various health issues at hand- including symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. It helps users attain a feeling of calmness.

Best Marijuana

Sour Diesel

The NYC Sour Diesel strain is famous mainly due to its high THC content. Consuming it at high levels is said to have a lasting effect, especially on those suffering from depression.

As the name suggests, Sour Diesel has the pungent smell of diesel that is highly preferred because of its fast-acting nature. It has also made it to the top five best strains due to its ability to relieve stress, pain, and the symptoms associated with depression.

This strain comes about due to the mix between two other strains, Super Skunk and Chemdawg. Each of them is unique in its ways and unleashes individual properties, which combine to give Sour Diesel its unbeatable properties.

Despite its pungent diesel-like smell, consumers choose to focus on its positive results. What’s more, it’s easier to come across owing to the availability of certified vendors.

Verified websites have made it simpler for die-hard clients to access the Sour Diesel strain and similar strains. Taking Sour Diesel in healthy amounts assures consumers of positive results such as feeling energetic.

They also feel motivated to carry out their daily tasks to perfection.

Numerous makers crossbreed weed plants to foster new strains with explicit attributes. Specialists recommend that there are north of 700 strainsTrusted Source of weed.

One of the main attributes of a weed strain is the THC content. A few principles exist on naming each strain, however numerous makers don’t name their items as per these guidelines.

Notwithstanding these characterizations, hybridization and crossbreedingTrusted Source has implied that individuals can’t perceive precisely the amount THC is in a specific plant by just checking out its actual highlights.

Specialists recommend it is difficult to figure the arrangement of a weed plant by taking a gander at its tallness, spreading, or leaf appearance.

The best way to know the substance piece of a pot inferred item is to examine it in a biochemical measure.

The terms indica and sativa get from the biolgical grouping of these species, which depends on actual attributes. Marijuana indica plants are more limited and have wide, dim green leaves. Pot sativa plants become taller and foster more slender, light green leaves.

Before, individuals utilized these terms to separate the pot plants as far as their belongings and THC or CBD content. An article in Cannabis and Cannabinoid ResearchTrusted Source appears to disperse these cases.

Already, individuals accepted that Cannabis indica plants contained more significant levels of CBD. Thus, cultivators and dispensaries advertised indica-determined strains as an item that would prompt a more ‘loosened up high’.

On the other hand, Cannabis sativa-determined strains that contained more significant levels of THC would give a more lively high.

Numerous specialists alert against this speculation, taking note of that regardless of whether this arrangement conspire were valid, it is absolutely impossible to make certain of the exactness of any strain name.

There is no outsider office that approves which strain names have a place with indica, sativa, or mixture.

To know precisely what is in a weed item, the makers should break down the item in a biochemical test.

It is not difficult to see the reason why this point keeps on causing banter. Marijuana is a mind boggling plant, and, as of the present moment, there appears to be no self-evident or basic method for classifying the different strains by ‘impact on the client.’

OG Kush

This is a flexible strain that accommodates both novices and those who’ve been using Cannabis for the longest time. This precious gem of a strain has torn down barriers and made it to the medicinal industry.

The OG Kush strain is a favorite due to its unwavering ability to comfort the body and mind. Taking the OG Kush strain assures a blissful and relaxed day ahead, especially when taken during the morning hours. It comes in handy in the medical field due to its ability to calm anxiety and symptoms of depression. OG Kush is a strain to try out because there are different flavors, including spicy, Citrus, Lemon, and Lime.

Each of these flavors plays a vital role in adding excitement to the experience. Another essential benefit of using this strain is that it has natural pain-relieving abilities.

It’s possibly a go-to remedy for chronic pain and relaxation. The OG Kush strain also acts as a sleeping aid for those suffering from irregular sleep patterns. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who wants to experience euphoria at its best.

Best Marijuana mind


Its popularity is growing by the day due to its eccentricity and its similar smell to a tangerine, hence the name, Tangie. It’s a natural strain that specializes in helping users keep their cool.

Tangie has a relaxing effect that makes it a number one choice when dealing with stress and anxiety. Anyone looking to have a flavor-filled Cannabis strain should give Tangie a try.

Maui Wowie

This strain stands out primarily due to the peppery feel that makes beginners want to try it out. Advanced users also seem not to get enough of it and are always looking for new Maui Wowie strain products.

It’s only perfect for use during the day because of its uplifting effects. Maui Wowie is an excellent stress reliever that helps keep one calm, especially during taxing working hours.

It helps keep the moods cheerful and high-spirited, making the user mingle freely with friends and colleagues. 

 best strains


When picking out the best strains, one must look for vital factors such as reviews. This is where everything you need to know about your target strain is revealed to you. Besides, reviews make it easier to pick genuine and outstanding products rather than spend money on counterfeits.

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